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BPM Microsystems to Showcase Game-Changing Device Programmers at Productronica 2023

BPM Microsystems to Showcase Game-Changing Device Programmers at Productronica 2023

BPM Microsystems, a global leader in device programming and cybersecurity solutions, is set to exhibit at Productronica 2023. The event will take place from November 14-17 in Munich, Germany. BPM Microsystems can be found in Hall A1, Stand 357.

Unveiling Revolutionary Products

The company will showcase its groundbreaking BPM310 Automated Programmer and the highly versatile 2900 Manual Programmer. These state-of-the-art solutions feature modular designs, weekly algorithm updates, and a high-capacity queue system, designed to meet the highest programming and cybersecurity standards. “Our attendance at Productronica 2023 marks a significant milestone in advancing the programming industry,” says Penny Santhanam, Senior Director of Customer Care at BPM Microsystems. “The BPM310 and the 2900 Manual Programmer are engineered to provide unprecedented reliability and scalability, addressing the ever-growing challenges of device programming.”

Experience the Future with Hands-On Demos

Attendees have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one demos for an in-depth look at the company’s latest innovations. The demos will be overseen by Pierce Weiss, Executive Account Manager, who will be representing BPM Microsystems at the event. “In an industry where technology is constantly evolving, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Our one-on-one demos at Productronica will show how our solutions do just that—setting new benchmarks in efficiency, flexibility, and reliability,” says Pierce Weiss.

Celebrating Partnerships and More

BPM Microsystems also takes this opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their distribution partner in the UK, Germany, and France, Adaptsys. In honor of the occasion, a series of special offers and exclusive giveaways are planned for attendees. Event-goers can enjoy a juice bar in the mornings, a beer tap in the afternoons, and an exclusive cocktail party on November 15.

Interactive Contests

Adding to the excitement, BPM will also feature a prize wheel and a chipping contest. Attendees who spin the prize wheel will be entered into a drawing for a drone, providing multiple avenues for engagement and wins.

About BPM Microsystems

Founded in 1985, BPM Microsystems serves more than 2,000 companies in over 49 countries. With a focus on modular design and an ability to release new programming algorithms weekly, the company has become a trusted supplier to customers in various industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial, and mobile devices. For media inquiries, please contact Scott Bronstad.

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Halloween at BPM

Halloween at BPM

The Halloween luncheon at BPM Microsystems was a delightful event filled with festivities and appreciation. The team enjoyed a mouthwatering lunch from Rudy’s BBQ, savoring the delicious flavors of smoked meats and savory sides. A special shout-out goes to Penny Santhanam and her dedicated team for their outstanding decorations, which undoubtedly added a spooktacular atmosphere to the gathering. It’s also worth acknowledging and expressing gratitude to all the attendees who got into the Halloween spirit by donning creative and fun costumes (we even had a “Ken”), contributing to the festive ambiance of the event.

Costume Contest

The costume contest results are in, and we’re proud to announce our winners. Hairong, with her Scary Bunny costume, secured the third prize, earning a $15 Amazon gift card. Stephen, who impressed us with his Ken portrayal, claimed the second prize, a $25 Amazon gift card. However, it was Cathy from our shipping department who took the top spot with her ingeniously designed (and hand-crafted) Hello Kitty costume, winning the first prize, a $35 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to these talented individuals for their outstanding contributions to our Halloween celebration!

Cheers to a successful and enjoyable Halloween luncheon at BPM! 🎃🍖👻

Day 1 at SMTA Guadalajara

Day 1 at SMTA Guadalajara

BPM Microsystems Shines!

We had an excellent start at the SMTA Guadalajara show, and it’s been a productive day at booth 1501. Our team is excited about the chance to engage with our loyal customers and demonstrate why BPM Microsystems stands out in terms of performance, quality, and service.

  • Performance: Our state-of-the-art device programmers set new standards for speed and precision, ensuring flawless semiconductor device programming.
  • Quality: With over 35 years of experience, we’re dedicated to delivering top-notch programming solutions, adhering to ISO 9001 standards and the CE Mark.
  • Service: Our comprehensive support services, including training and technical support, empower you to achieve your programming goals efficiently.

If you haven’t visited us yet, there’s still time to learn more about how BPM Microsystems is transforming semiconductor programming. Swing by booth 1501 and discover the difference!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make an impact at the SMTA Guadalajara show.

Video Highlights of SMTA International 2023

Video Highlights of SMTA International 2023

Video Highlights of SMTA International 2023

Join us for a visual journey through BPM Microsystems’ impactful showcase at the SMTA International Trade Exhibition in Minneapolis October 10-11, 2023. From engaging with diverse industry professionals to our exciting drone giveaway, experience the essence of innovation and connection. Dive into the world of device programming and cybersecurity with BPM Microsystems, where the future of electronics takes shape.

BPM Microsystems Makes an Impact at SMTA International Trade Exhibition

BPM Microsystems Makes an Impact at SMTA International Trade Exhibition

BPM Microsystems Makes an Impact at SMTA International Trade Exhibition

BPM Microsystems, the industry leader in high-performance device programming and cybersecurity solutions, showcased its pioneering technologies at the recently concluded SMTA International Trade Exhibition, held on October 10-11 in Minneapolis.

BPM Microsystems’ booth attracted a diverse group of professionals, underscoring its wide-reaching appeal in the industry. Among the attendees who engaged with BPM were Process Engineers, Strategic Planning Managers, and Product Development Specialists from globally recognized electronic component suppliers and manufacturers. Senior Engineers from top automotive manufacturers and technology giants also expressed keen interest in BPM’s state-of-the-art solutions. It was noted that women were strongly represented, reflecting the inclusive nature of the industry and the event.

Colin Harper, Director of Product Management at BPM Microsystems, remarked, “We’re thrilled with the positive feedback and strong interest from a broad range of industry specialists. Participating in SMTA International not only allowed us to showcase our innovative solutions but also gave us the opportunity to engage and understand the evolving needs of our clients.”

In an exciting side event, BPM Microsystems also conducted a giveaway where attendees at the booth had a chance to win a drone. The winner will be announced soon, adding an element of fun to what has been a productive exhibition for BPM.

The company looks forward to building on these connections and continuing to drive innovation in device programming and cybersecurity solutions.

BPM to Spotlight Solutions for Programming Complex and Data-Dense Devices at SMTA International Trade Show

BPM to Spotlight Solutions for Programming Complex and Data-Dense Devices at SMTA International Trade Show

BPM, an established leader in device programming solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the SMTA International Trade Show on October 10-11 in Minneapolis. Focusing on its proven 2900 Manual Programmer, BPM will be stationed at Booth 1215 to demonstrate how the device excels at programming complex and data-dense products.

Representing BPM are Colin Harper, Director of Sales and Product Development, and Pierce Weiss, Executive Sales Manager. Both will be on hand to explain the numerous benefits and efficiencies gained by bringing device programming in-house, particularly for complex and data-rich devices.

“SMTA International offers a vital platform for BPM to showcase how the 2900 Manual Programmer, a cornerstone in our product line for several years, solves the unique challenges posed by complex and data-heavy devices,” states Colin Harper.

What to Expect at Booth 1215 Event Page

  • Targeted demonstrations of the 2900 Manual Programmer’s capabilities in programming complex and data-dense devices
  • Hands-on experiences allow attendees to familiarize themselves with the 2900
  • Exclusive previews of forthcoming advancements in BPM’s device programming solutions
  • Special promotions and giveaways exclusively for booth visitors

“The SMTA International Trade Show provides an invaluable chance for one-on-one, live conversations about how to advance capabilities in the rapidly evolving field of device programming,” adds Pierce Weiss, Executive Sales Manager.

Schedule Your One-on-One Meeting

Attendees interested in discussing how to elevate their device programming capabilities, particularly for complex and data-dense devices, are encouraged to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Colin Harper or Pierce Weiss. For appointment bookings, please schedule using Calendly here.

Schedule One-On-One

About BPM

With more than three decades of experience, BPM is a global authority in device programming solutions. Known for innovating reliable, quick, and adaptable products like the 2900 Manual Programmer, BPM has long been the go-to choice for industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to healthcare and consumer electronics. With a global footprint spanning over 50 countries and a robust network of partners and distributors, BPM remains committed to delivering top-notch, scalable solutions suited for programming complex and data-rich devices.