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32 Years of Service: Trung Dao, Sr. Device Support Engineer with BPM

32 Years of Service: Trung Dao, Sr. Device Support Engineer with BPM

32 Years of Service: Trung Dao, Sr. Device Support Engineer with BPM

Trung Dao

As the technological landscape continues to evolve at an accelerated pace, the longevity of an employee within a single organization becomes increasingly remarkable. Trung Dao, who this month celebrates his 32nd anniversary as a Device Support Engineer at BPM Microsystems, is a paradigmatic example of enduring commitment and professional excellence.

Specialization in Freescale and Motorola Devices

Mr. Dao’s proficiency in Freescale and Motorola devices is a critical asset to the organization. With over two decades of focused experience in these technologies, he demonstrates an unparalleled depth of knowledge that directly contributes to the company’s competitive edge. His understanding of these devices is not static; rather, it evolves congruently with technological advancements, ensuring BPM Microsystems remains at the forefront of the semiconductor industry.

Exceptional Troubleshooting Skills

Beyond his technical acumen, Mr. Dao excels in troubleshooting complex issues that arise in the domain of device support. His analytical capabilities enable him to navigate intricate projects with precision and efficiency. Colleagues and supervisors alike have commented on his aptitude for identifying and resolving problematic areas with a speed and accuracy that significantly reduces downtime.

Technical Versatility: Hardware and Software

In addition to his software competencies, Mr. Dao possesses considerable skills in hardware manipulation. He is proficient in soldering and debugging circuit boards, skills that amplify his value within the Device Support Division. This broad skill set ensures a comprehensive understanding of issues, facilitating highly effective and resource-efficient solutions.

The Virtues of Patience and Persistence

Among Mr. Dao’s most admirable traits are his exceptional levels of patience and persistence. Tri Nguyen, the Device Support Supervisor at BPM Microsystems, had this to say: “During the years I have had the privilege to work with Trung, I have not once observed him display any frustration or impatience. His calm temperament under pressure serves as a stabilizing influence within our department.”

A Man of Multifaceted Commitments

Outside the parameters of his professional role, Mr. Dao exemplifies commitment in his personal life as well. He is a devoted father to his son and daughter, who have successfully entered the professional world. His family benefits from his daughter’s employment at Delta Airlines, providing opportunities for extensive travel. Additionally, Mr. Dao frequently assumes the role of chauffeur, driving his wife to her job multiple times a week.

An Indispensable Asset

In an industry that demands incessant innovation and swift problem resolution, Mr. Dao’s contributions are invaluable. According to Tri, “Trung is not merely a reliable engineer; he is a cornerstone upon which the success of our Device Support Division is built. His reliability extends beyond his technical skills to his overall integrity and commitment to the team.”

As Trung Dao celebrates this significant milestone, it is fitting to acknowledge the impact of his 32 years of loyal service. His expertise, dedication, and interpersonal virtues make him an indispensable asset to BPM Microsystems. Here’s to many more years of distinguished service.

1991-2023: A Journey Through Technology & Culture

Much has changed in the last 32 years in technology, economics, and cultural touchstones since Trung joined BPM.




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Fastest Commercial CPU Intel i486 @ 25-50 MHz AMD Ryzen 9 5950X @ 4.9 GHz (approx.)
Popular Operating Systems MS-DOS 5.0, Windows 3.0, UNIX Windows 11, macOS Monterey, Linux
Cost of a Loaf of Bread (U.S.) $0.70 $4.00
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Popular Storage Media Floppy Disk, CD-ROM SSD, Cloud Storage
Cellular Technology 1G, early 2G (analog) 5G
RAM in a Typical Computer 1-4 MB 16-64 GB
Video Game Consoles Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
TV Technology CRT OLED, QLED, 8K
Automotive Technology Basic ECUs, limited safety features Electric vehicles, autonomous features
Popular Social Media N/A Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
File Sharing Sneakernet, FTP Cloud Services, P2P
Typical Hard Drive Storage 40-100 MB 1-4 TB
Computer Interfaces Serial, Parallel ports USB-C, Thunderbolt 4
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SMTA Chihuahua Expo Highlights BPM Microsystems’ Unique Position in the Market

SMTA Chihuahua Expo Highlights BPM Microsystems’ Unique Position in the Market

SMTA Chihuahua Expo Highlights BPM Microsystems’ Unique Position in the Market

Chihuahua, Mexico – The SMTA Chihuahua Expo on September 7th at the Sheraton Chihuahua Soberano provided a valuable platform for industry professionals to discuss various aspects of electronics technology. BPM Microsystems, with a 35+ year focus on device programming solutions, found the expo to be a useful venue for conversations with both existing and potential clients.

Steady Turnout, Constructive Conversations

The expo’s turnout was commendable, particularly for a smaller, more focused event. Attendees represented a cross-section of the electronics industry, making it an effective setting for targeted dialogue. BPM Microsystems took this opportunity for constructive discussions around its device programming solutions.

Gratitude and Future Steps

“We appreciate the conversations we had at SMTA Chihuahua. It’s clear that the Mexican market has distinct needs that we’re well-positioned to address,” said Penny Santhanam, Senior Director of Customer Success at BPM Microsystems. “Enrique Prieto, our National Sales Manager, has been instrumental in this. His ability to engage with customers adds real value to our efforts, particularly as we consider our strategy in Mexico moving forward.”

Closing Thoughts

While BPM Microsystems maintains a competitive edge in device programming, the company is grateful for the opportunities to engage with the industry provided by the SMTA Chihuahua Expo. The event reaffirmed the importance of local platforms for meaningful dialogue and offered a glimpse into the potential of the Mexican market.

Video: BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler Peripheral

Video: BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler Peripheral

Video: BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler Peripheral

Unveiling the Future of Device Labeling: Introducing BPM Microsystems’ Automated Labeler Peripheral for 3X and 4X Series

We take a dive into BPM Microsystems’ Automated Labeler Peripheral. Say goodbye to manual labeling and say hello to a streamlined, automated solution designed specifically for BPM 3X and 4X series automated programmers.

🌟 Features & Benefits:
📏 Size Versatility: The Automated Labeler handles label sizes ranging from a petite 3mm x 3mm, all the way up to 30x30mm, accommodating even the largest QFPs.

📜 Pre-printed or Blank Labels: You have the flexibility to use either pre-printed labels or blank labels, giving you the power to decide how your labeling process will go.

🔨 Quick & Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated setups. Installing the Automated Labeler is as simple as installing a tape feeder, making it an efficient add-on to your existing setup.

💲 Cost-Effective: A budget-friendly, one-time investment that pays dividends by ensuring traceability and quality assurance.

Enhanced Traceability: Add an extra layer of verification to ensure each device has been programmed correctly. Improve your workflow while adhering to quality standards.

🛠 Specifications:
Compatible With: BPM Microsystems 3X and 4X Series Automated Programmers
Label Size Range: 3mm x 3mm to 30mm x 30mm
Installation: Quick/easy, akin to a tape feeder
Pricing: Affordable initial investment

🔑 Why Choose the BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler?
This game-changing peripheral is an essential addition to your automated programming workflow. If you’re looking to boost your operational efficiency while also adding a robust layer of traceability, then look no further.

SMTA Chihuahua

BPM to Showcase Award-Winning Device Programming Solutions at SMTA Chihuahua Expo

Sheraton Chihuahua SoberanoChihuahua, Mexico– BPM Microsystems, an industry pioneer in providing award-winning device programming solutions for over 35 years, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming SMTA Chihuahua Expo. The event will take place on September 7, 2023, at the Sheraton Chihuahua Soberano (doors open at 11 am local time). The BPM team will be available at Table 44, represented by National Sales Manager Enrique Prieto, who is eager to engage in insightful discussions and showcase the company’s cutting-edge solutions.

Also attending is Penny Santhanam, Senior Director of Customer Success at BPM Microsystems. “SMTA Chihuahua is more than just an expo; it’s a nexus for innovation and professional collaboration,” says Penny. “We’re excited to highlight our focus on exceptional sales and technical support services that cater specifically to our Mexico market.”

Why Attend?

SMTA Chihuahua serves as a focal point for knowledge sharing, featuring cutting-edge technology and exceptional networking opportunities. This unique expo provides an invaluable opportunity for local engineers to engage with global technology while staying close to home. For those who can’t make it to SMTA International, this event offers a highly accessible alternative for staying up-to-date in the industry.

A Meeting of Minds

This expo attracts a broad spectrum of professionals, ranging from Process and Manufacturing Engineers to C-suite executives such as Presidents, CEOs, and VPs. It is an unparalleled opportunity to build meaningful relationships, share ideas, and explore new collaborations.

“I can’t stress enough the value of local expos like SMTA Chihuahua,” says Enrique. “I look forward to connecting with fellow industry professionals and showing how BPM Microsystems can meet the most stringent programming and cybersecurity standards.”

About BPM Microsystems

Established in 1985, BPM Microsystems has been serving customers in over 49 countries across diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial, and mobile devices. The company manufactures high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective device programmers and accessories, all built in an ISO 9001 facility located in the USA. In addition to products that carry the CE Mark, BPM offers a wide range of support services, including training and technical support. With a commitment to continual innovation, the company releases new programming algorithms weekly and remains a trusted supplier for customers where failure is not an option.

For additional information, visit our event page or meet us at Table 44 during the SMTA Chihuahua Expo on September 7, 2023.

Virtual de Programador Automatizado

Virtual de Programador Automatizado

Virtual de Programador Automatizado

Explora el video de la demostración del APS 3928: equipado con Tecnología de Programación Universal y alineación visual en tiempo real. • Descubre la eficiencia de WhisperTeach en acción, automatizando la calibración del eje Z. • Presencia la versatilidad de hasta 7 estaciones de programación universales, soportando hasta 28 sockets para alcanzar las velocidades de programación más altas en el menor espacio posible. • Duración del video: aproximadamente 30 minutos. • Observa en detalle cómo se realiza un cambio de trabajo, demostrando la facilidad de adaptación a nuevos dispositivos sin necesidad de herramientas adicionales. • Sección de preguntas y respuestas incluida.

Resumen del Video:

Enrique Prieto, Gerente de Cuentas Nacionales de BPM para México, y José Romo, Técnico de Servicios de Campo con más de 20 años de experiencia, te guía en este video demostrativo donde explorarás las capacidades del 3928 APS, que cuenta con Tecnología de Programación Universal y alineación de visión en tiempo real. Vive la experiencia de WhisperTeach™, que simplifica la calibración del eje Z de manera automática. Apreciarás en vivo hasta 7 estaciones de programación universales, habilitadas con hasta 28 sockets, ofreciendo los tiempos de programación más rápidos en un espacio compacto. El video, con una duración cercana a los 30 minutos, incluye una sección donde se muestra un cambio de trabajo en tiempo real, para que puedas comprobar la sencillez de adaptación a nuevos dispositivos sin la necesidad de herramientas. Además, encontrarás un segmento dedicado a preguntas y respuestas.

En el transcurso del video también se abordará cómo la programación de dispositivos es sencilla, rentable y cómo puede generar un retorno de inversión positivo en tan solo unos meses.

Explore the video demonstration of the APS 3928: equipped with Universal Programming Technology and real-time visual alignment. (Video is in Spanish) • Discover the efficiency of WhisperTeach in action, automating the Z-axis calibration. • Witness the versatility of up to 7 universal programming stations, supporting up to 28 sockets to achieve the highest programming speeds in the smallest possible space. • Video duration: approximately 30 minutes. • Watch in detail how a job change is carried out, demonstrating the ease of adapting to new devices without the need for additional tools. • Q&A section included.

Video Summary:

Enrique Prieto, National Account Manager for BPM in Mexico, and José Romo, Field Services Technician with over 20 years of experience, guide you through this demonstrative video where you’ll explore the capabilities of the 3928 APS. It features Universal Programming Technology and real-time visual alignment. Experience WhisperTeach™, which simplifies the Z-axis calibration automatically. You’ll see live up to 7 universal programming stations, enabled with up to 28 sockets, offering the fastest programming times in a compact space. The video, with a duration close to 30 minutes, includes a section where a job change is shown in real-time, so you can verify the ease of adapting to new devices without the need for tools. Additionally, you’ll find a segment dedicated to questions and answers.

Throughout the video, the discussion will also include how device programming is straightforward, cost-effective, and how it can generate a positive return on investment in just a few months.