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6.4.2 Release Notes

BPWin Highlights

  • Added a feature to secure JobMaster files and ensure they can never be modified. This feature can be found in the JobMaster/Configure named “Lockdown JobMaster Files”. When JobMaster files are saved while this is checked those JobMaster files will disallow changes to any settings, regardless of the user having entered the Supervisor password and/or the Job Protection password.  This feature is ideal for critical job files that must not change.
  • Added checks to ensure hardware & software compatibility on 9th Gen programmers. 9th Gen programmers with CPLD versions prior to 107h will require an update which will be made available in BPWin 6.4.3. Run diagnostics to determine the site CPLD version.

BPM 3000/4000 Series Autohandler

  • Fixed an issue happening on upward vision systems where vision alignment was skipped when using the label presenter. This applies to the 3800MK2 and 3900 APS.
  • Resolved intermittent site motor failures that sometimes occur when the APS door is opened during the site open/close cycle.
  • Fixed a crash experienced when running a job session with Mechanical Benchmark as the device selection with an empty buffer.

Device Programming Enhancements

  • Resolved Read and Compare issues for eMMC devices on 9th Gen.
  • Added a feature which allows the user to abort the checksum calculation while loading a data pattern.
ISO 9001 Update

ISO 9001 Update

Check out what we got today! Congratulations to our Quality Manager, Reggie Fields and all the departments at BPM Microsystems. “ISO 9001:2015 Certification is a huge accomplishment by our company. The fact that BPM Microsystems designs and manufactures hardware and software makes us a unique and complex company and document control within this type of organization can be very challenging. Meeting the strict requirements within this ISO standard was difficult but it made us a better company and I’m excited about the continuous improvement efforts our team is engaging in to become THE leader in this industry,” says Mr. Fields.

Bill White, CEO & President of BPM says, “This is a perfect example of a stretch goal. There was no certainty it was even possible to complete certification this year.  Many people were suggesting we needed another six months. But, we set the goal and you all accomplished it. Congratulations! This will be important news to our automotive customers who have a hard requirement for their suppliers to be ISO certified.”

TUV USA Inc. hereby certifies that
BPM Microsystems, Inc.
15000 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77040 USA
has established and applies a quality system for
Design and Manufacture of Manual and Automated Programming Systems and Software Algorithms
Proof has been furnished that the requirements according to ISO 9001:2015 are fulfilled.
Further clarifications regarding the scope of this certificate and the applicability of ISO 9001:2015 requirements may be obtained by consulting the organization.
Certificate Registration No. 56 100 18560071

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

The Toys for Tots donation box is in the lobby! Please drop off your new, unwrapped toys in the box anytime between now and December 17th! We will be dropping off the donations to Toys for Tots that day!

Houston Children’s Charity has reached out to us about the Toys for Tots drive, providing a list of gift ideas for teenagers, as they are severely low on toys for teens every year. I have attached that list for everyone in case you want to use it when shopping for the drive but please do not feel like you have to use it- any and all donations you bring in are greatly appreciated and for an excellent cause. In case you missed it, the box for collecting the donations is in the lobby, next to the Christmas tree. 🙂
Thank you!
Kellie & Penny

12/06/2018- The box is starting to fill up…
Electronica 2018, the world’s largest Electronics Show

Electronica 2018, the world’s largest Electronics Show

Electronica 2018 is in the books. Here are the numbers:

  • 16 Halls, each larger than a football field and 3 stories tall, filled with hundreds of booths representing thousands of companies.
  • 4 full days, plus 2 days of set up.
  • In our booth (138 in Hall B5) we had 6 guys (3 from sales/marketing, 3 from engineering/support) from BPM plus another 6 from our European partner, Adaptsys.
  • 2 Automated Programming Systems, the 3910 and the newest 4910, which was launched at Electronica.
  • 1 Manual Programmer, the 2900L.
  • Months and months of preparation went into this trade show
  • 2 Pony Kegs of fine German Bier served
  • Over 300 sales flyers distributed. We ran out of Manual Programmer flyers by day 2 and printed more.
  • Over 50 people participated in our “WhisperTeach Challenge” (more on that later).
  • Lots of requests for videos of the 4910. Lots of “eyeballs” from people walking by– there wasn’t anything like the 4910 in the whole show
  • A large number of requests for more info, as well as several great meetings with Distributors and Customers

The result: Electronica in Munich last week was by far the best trade show we have ever been to. A lot of great opportunities. 

Congratulations to Richard Steinhäuser of Creative Chips in Dresden, Germany; he is our “WhisperTeach Challenge” winner, and will be receiving an Apple iPad.”I am glad that I have won, but lacking the fancy sensors I admit that I was lucky. I am looking forward to the next challenge with (BPM’s European Partner) Adaptsys,” said Mr. Steinhäuser. He did a manual z-height teach of just 2 steps above the fully-automated teach. In second place, at just 5 steps above, was Elliot Williams of Hackaday.com.

The contest was a great way to showcase just how awesome is WhisperTeach. it saved time: approximately 45 seconds vs under 8 seconds for WhisperTeach. WhisperTeach was more accurate than humans, and when setting up jobs accuracy counts (as the machine is set up, so shall it run). If the “teach” is too high, the vacuum could cause the chip to misalign and cause socket problems; teach too low and you could cause flaws or cracks in the device– not just the one taught, but the whole job!

Electronica– Day 2

Electronica– Day 2

Day 2 of Electronica is in the books. Our newest machines– the 3910 and the 4910 are running great and getting lots of attention. Our contest this year is “Beat the Teach” Challenge, where we are letting attendees try to see who can teach the critical z-axis without touching the device. We’ve had everyone from visiting students to Physicists try out our system. It’s been fun, and a great way to showcase WhisperTeach… after we let them try it manually, we show how easy it is (and how fast!).

Currently, the leader is Elliot Williams at just 5 steps above WhisperTeach. Simon Ratzer is in second place with a score of 6 steps above. The winner at the end of the week receives a free Apple iPad.

The team of six from BPM Microsystems and our European Partners, Adaptsys, are a little tired, but very excited by the response to our newest systems.

Pictured above is our Region Sales Manager for US and Canada, David Roy, demonstrating the WhisperTeach Challenge with two attendees.

The team from BPM enjoying a well-deserved traditional German dinner (and beverages). Charlie Watson, Colin Harper, Jim Holava, David Roy, Fernado Guillen, and Scott Bronstad.