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Why Renew Software/Hardware?

BPM Microsystems Support Agreement

Service Excellence Award for Highest Rating Customer Service in Device Programming Equipment

In the event that your contract has expired, please be aware that we will be changing the way we assist in troubleshooting your issues with our customer care group. Charges will apply to service-related calls on all non-warranty issues. Please reach out to our team for additional information. As our number one concern is to provide you with the first-in-class service we are happy to assist in all your BPM product needs 

  • Please take advantage of our service agreement discounts as fees will apply for all non-warranty calls and cases

BPM Microsystems Production Programmer Support Agreement

We understand the critical role your BPM Microsystems programming equipment plays in supporting your production line. Our customers rely on us to keep their automated production machines operating properly and to respond quickly when they need support. The Production Support Agreement reduces potential machine downtime by providing fast access to the people, the parts, and the software you need to keep your production running.

Full Hardware Support

In the event of system failure, it’s critical to get the support and repair parts you need right away. With Full Hardware Support, you’ll have priority email and telephone access to our Technical Support Team, who have the expertise of pinpointing the issue and can provide you with step-by-step instructions to the solution. When it’s determined that warranty replacement is required, parts can typically ship the same day. If this doesn’t solve the problem, we’ll send a trained technician to your facility to find the solution. The annual preventive maintenance service included in the agreement will also assure optimal system performance and will help to make sure that corrective action is taken to avoid potential failures.

Eliminate the repair or replacement risk for High-Value subassemblies, including but not limited to, Programing Sites, Alignment Camera, E-Chain Assembly, Host Computer, Motion Controller, and others.

Full BPWin Software Support Agreement

Our Support Agreement customers recognize the importance of complementing their programming hardware with the latest BPWin software. Continuous improvements that include algorithm code revisions and software features enhance the usability and serviceability of the programmer, so that it operates even more effectively today than it did yesterday. Support Agreement customers have access to the resources needed to perform the programming job with confidence. When assistance is required, customers know our Technical Support Team has the expertise and is there to help.

Windows 10

Many of you have asked for Windows 10 support for BPWin– We’re pleased to announce that BPWin Windows 10 Compatible version with the launch of version 7.0.0. BPWin is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64-Bit operating system; users can now take advantage of the newest Windows operating system with greater speed, security, and access to the latest OS updates (Microsoft announced it will cease support for legacy OS– see full info from Microsoft here). Important: you’ll need a current Software Support Contract for all APS and 2XXX Manual Programmers. Contact Inside Sales for contract support.

Shorter Turn-around Times

  • Priority Technical Support – Priority Phone and Email Access to the BPM Tech Support Team, Field Service and Engineering 
  • Fast Ship Warranty Replacement Parts – No Purchase Orders to Process, Limits Machine Down Time


Faster Service

  • Priority services with our customer Care Team & Engineering support 
  • Access to the Latest BPWin – 4 Scheduled Full Releases Per Year
  • Extended 24 Hours Phone Support -Expert Help When You Need it
  • Daily BPWin Updates Access – Account-Based Access to Download the Latest Fully Tested Device Algorithms


Fixed, before it breaks

  • Annual Preventive Maintenance— Scheduled PM Service Ensures You’re Getting Optimal Performance from Your APS
  • Spare Part kits available as required 
  • Training and Development can be offered at an additional cost
  • Onsite evaluation on upgrades, celebrations, and certifications 


What You Get with Hardware/Software Contract

Priority Technical Support – Priority 24 hour Phone And Email Access To The BPM Tech Support Team
Access To The Latest BPWin – Get The Latest Tool Sets And Enhanced Features For Improved Performance, Ease Of Use And Serviceability
Access To BPM Connect - Create and track support cases, Submit and track device support requests, Communicate directly with BPM Microsystems personnel,Learn from a library of knowledge articles and FAQ's
Daily BPWin Algo Updates – Account Based Access To Download The Latest Fully Tested Device Algorithms
Device Support Request Credits - Receive Up To 6 DSR Credits Equal To A Maximum Value Of $500 Each for APS Programer. Credits Can Be Used For Algorithm Additions And Towards Socket Development ($1,000 Total Per DSR)
Device Support Request Credits - Receive Up To 4 DSR Credits Equal To A Maximum Value Of $500 Each for Manual Programmer. Credits Can Be Used For Algorithm Additions And Towards Socket Development ($1,000 Total Per DSR)
Annual Certificate Of Conformance – Ensures Your Programmer Meets The Required Specifications - ISO 9001 compliance
Warranty Repair - Warranty Return Material Authorizations (RMA) Include Parts and Labor, No Purchase Orders to Process, Limits Machine Down Time**

Software Agreement Terms:
One-time up-front payment
12-month agreement unless otherwise noted 

Exclusions and Consumables not Covered by the Machine Warranty: Belts, Socket Modules and Replacement Sockets, Site interposer boards, Site Stepper Motors, Tape Feeders, Filters, Laser Charcoal filter, and HEPA filter, Laser Tube (excluded for extended warranty), Pick Nozzles, Laser Nozzles, and Nozzle O-rings, Cyberoptic Camera/Sensor – is excluded if the lens is cracked or chipped. Obsolete or legacy peripheral equipment such as the TM300, Vibe Platforms and Tube Stacker outside of the original factory warranty period. Equipment or parts not originally purchased from BPM Microsystems are excluded from the warranty. Customer pays shipping for repairs and travel expenses to and from the customer site 

**For Extended Hardware Warranty support, the system must be covered by the Software Support Agreement and be in good working condition at the time of order acceptance. Diagnostic testing results must be provided and verified by BPM Tech Support prior to the start of the agreement.


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