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Utmost Programming Quality

BPM Microsystems Automated Programmer features utmost programming quality with high yield, excellent system uptime and performance, on-time delivery, and high-efficiency equipment for production. Celestica is running production in tape to tape. With BPM Automated Programmer, the integration of taping solution allows the devices to be programmed from tape to tape output with fast cycle time.… Read more “Utmost Programming Quality”

Ganapathy N.

Looking forward to further success

In December of 2012, Smart Modular Technologies decided to establish a semiconductor device programming services center (PSC) business unit. After some careful supplier evaluation, Smart chose BPM Microsystems state of the art 8th Generation Programmers as our dedicated solution for device programming. BPM Microsystems demonstrated itself as the leading programming equipment manufacturer by providing solutions… Read more “Looking forward to further success”

A Dramatic Increase in Productivity

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in productivity because of all the different options that come with 4900 in terms of speed and capacity compared with our previous machine. For example, we had been reduced the operator interaction related to the machine, fast programming jobs development and a fast and robust technical support. After purchasing 4900,… Read more “A Dramatic Increase in Productivity”

Armando M.

Excellent support

BPM has been providing excellent support for many years for our company. I have been happy with their valuable services, helping me to solve many issues related to programming equipment, making it possible to maintain the tight deadlines to get programming algorithms, sockets, and fix technical issues, and answer any questions regarding quotations required by… Read more “Excellent support”

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Penny Ball
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Xinran Wang
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Christopher Coleman
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Pedro Martinez
01:42 19 Mar 16
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Justin Whitehead
20:05 28 Feb 12
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