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Thank You for Your Quick Response

Great job! Thank You for your quick response. NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

They are Great

They are great! At the top in customer services. Overall Satisfaction: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

Excellent Service

Thanks, excellent service. NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

Continue to be Responsive

Continue to be responsive to customer/IC manufacturer’s requests for support. NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

Great Job

Hayley, good to hear from you! Great Job. NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

You Guys ROCK!

You Guys ROCK! NPS: 10 out of 10

Carolyn H

Once again!

Once again! Great job! NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

Quick Response Time

Thank you for the quick response time. (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Celso S

Fast Follow-Up

Loved that I got a follow-up email real quick. (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Christina R

Great Job

NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

Excellent Service

Monet– excellent service. (NPS: ‎10 out of 10)

Juvencio C

Top of Customer Service

For me, you guys are right there at the top of customer service as compared to the various companies I have to deal with on a regular basis. Keep it up, it is appreciated by your customers! (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Name withheld

Attention and Service

I appreciate the attention and service you share with me. You help me to have the tooling on hand in time and meet my customer requirements. Thanks. 1) Sales Process: 9 out of 10. 2) Customer Service: ‎10 out of 10. 3) Overall Satisfaction:  ‎9 out of 10.

Roberto M

Support on the night shift… by morning, we have KS Lau to support us. (NPS: ‎10 out of 10)

Mohamad Z

Mr. Charlie is the Best…

Mr. Charlie is the best engineer from BPM. (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Gilson U

Good service

NPS: 10 out of 10

Juvencio C

Above and Beyond

BPM Microsystems goes above and beyond to help their partners. It’s an invaluable trait. (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Carolyn H

5 Stars

1) Sales Process: ‎10 out of 10 2) Customer Service: ‎10 out of 10 3) Overall Satisfaction: ‎10 out of 10

Rocky L

Thank you once again

Thank you once again. Hayley, you’re on top of your game. (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Name withheld

You GO Monet!

NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

10 out of 10

NPS: ‎10 out of 10

Huy N

Keep Up the Outstanding Job

Great job Jennifer as usual! Keep up the outstanding job that you do. (NPS: ‎10 out of 10)

Name withheld

Great Job

Great job Ebony! You are truly an asset to the company! (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Name withheld

Customer Very Happy

We and our customer thank your sales and production teams for building and shipping our order as quickly as we had requested. it made us and our customer very happy! (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Name withheld

Great Job as Always!

Ebony, Great Job as always! NPS: 10 out of 10

Name withheld

Quick Response on the Quote

Everything is great, quick response on the quotation – Thank you (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Name withheld

Great Response Time

Cory, Great job response time was within minutes and also helped sales. Go tech Team! (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Name withheld

Keep It Up

Keep doing what you are doing!! (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Larry B

Above and Beyond

Robert went above and beyond regarding the issue I was having programming a device. It is difficult to find someone like Robert that takes the time to provide clear, concise, detail in a timely manner. A++ customer service. Thank you so much. (NPS: 10 out of 10)

Name withheld

Fast Response

Great service, fast response !!!! 1) Sales Process ‎10 out of 10
2) Customer Service ‎10 out of 10
3) Overall Satisfaction ‎10 out of 10  

Jorge G

Good Work

Keep up the good work (10 out of 10 NPS)

Name withheld

Visit was Great

I thought that this visit was great. I have no improvements. Charlie was very knowledgeable and helpful. NPS Survey:
1. Technical Support ‎10 out of 10
2. Customer Service ‎10 out of 10
3. Overall Satisfaction ‎10 out of 10

Ed S.

Fast Response

The response to the request that I received was quick! Excellent attention to the customer. (NPS Survey: 10 out of 10)

Eduardo A

New Quote Procedure

I see the new procedure for getting a quotation so quickly. Thanks (NPS Survey: 10 out of 10)

Juan T.

Quick Response

Keep the quick response for the DSR. Thank you. (10 out of 10 NPS)

Rocky L.
BP Electronics Limited

Remedy in a Very Timely Manner

We had pick-and-place issues, and BPM Techs were able to assist us towards a remedy in a very timely manner. Thanks! (10 out of 10 NPS Score)

Name withheld

Really Efficient

You are really efficient, i congratulation you (9.7 out of 10 on NPS Survey)

Raul R.

Very Efficient

Instant email acknowledgement is very efficient after loading orders. As customer, we know that our order is being processed and updated. If lead time can be shortened, it will be much better.

Name withheld

Glad to Work with BPM

I´m glad to work with BPM because you are in contact with our needs and always works to help us when is necessary. Thanks Overall Satisfaction: ‎10 out of 10

Name withheld

Love it!

You’re doing a great job. I love it. (10 out of 10)

Name withheld

10/10 Customer Service Survey

1) Technical Support: ‎10 out of 10
2) Customer Service: ‎10 out of 10
3) Overall Satisfaction: ‎10 out of 10

Khaled M

Don’t change anything

Don’t change anything (keep it) as it is.

Ferdinand M

10 out of 10

(10 out of 10 NPS)

Alejandro P.

Always Been Satisfied

“I have always been satisfied with BPM’s responses & requests for quotes are handled in a timely manner, Thank you” (9 out of 10 NPS)

Kym A.

Keep up the good work

“Keep up the good work Hayley, haven’t heard from you in a while.”
“Everybody benefits from it! Jennifer has been a key player from day one.”
“Once again nice turnaround. Thank You once again, Kathy!” (10 out of 10 NPS)

Name withheld

Utmost Programming Quality

BPM Microsystems Automated Programmer features utmost programming quality with high yield, excellent system uptime and performance, on-time delivery, and high-efficiency equipment for production.
Celestica is running production in tape to tape. With BPM Automated Programmer, the integration of taping solution allows the devices to be programmed from tape to tape output with fast cycle… Read more “Utmost Programming Quality”

Ganapathy N.

Looking forward to further success

In December of 2012, Smart Modular Technologies decided to establish a semiconductor device programming services center (PSC) business unit. After some careful supplier evaluation, Smart chose BPM Microsystems state of the art 8th Generation Programmers as our dedicated solution for device programming. BPM Microsystems demonstrated itself as the leading programming equipment manufacturer by providing solutions… Read more “Looking forward to further success”

Jim L.

A Dramatic Increase in Productivity

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in productivity because of all the different options that come with 4900 in terms of speed and capacity compared with our previous machine. For example, we had been reduced the operator interaction related to the machine, fast programming jobs development and a fast and robust technical support. After purchasing 4900,… Read more “A Dramatic Increase in Productivity”

Armando M.

Excellent support

BPM has been providing excellent support for many years for our company. I have been happy with their valuable services, helping me to solve many issues related to programming equipment, making it possible to maintain the tight deadlines to get programming algorithms, sockets, and fix technical issues, and answer any questions regarding quotations required by… Read more “Excellent support”

Miguel S.

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Kip Kostenbauder
Kip Kostenbauder
18:27 29 Jan 19
Struggled with getting a technical support request dialog moving, but once we did, my issues were resolved quickly. We've had an older model manual programmer for ages, but it still works reliably, and can still get full support for it.
Daniel Gildersleeve
Daniel Gildersleeve
19:09 08 Oct 18
Stopped by BPM Microsystems this morning for a tour of the production facility where they actually build their automated programming machines. Very impressed by the organization and quality of the shop and demo programmers. The 3910 is a sleek and versatile device. Looks like just the thing I need to bring my programming in-house. Since my initial consultation, the BPM team has been super helpful at every step of the process. Big thanks to Scott for the tour and explaining the whole process to my team. Looking forward to a great investment.
scott bronstad
scott bronstad
18:23 15 Aug 18
Penny Ball
Penny Ball
23:10 08 Jul 18
Thanks ioioooi
Xinran Wang
Xinran Wang
07:10 05 May 18
Christopher Coleman
Christopher Coleman
23:46 23 Aug 17
Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez
01:42 19 Mar 16
Justin Whitehead
Justin Whitehead
20:05 28 Feb 12
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