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We’ve seen a dramatic increase in productivity because of all the different options that come with 4900 in terms of speed and capacity compared with our previous machine. For example, we had been reduced the operator interaction related to the machine, fast programming jobs development and a fast and robust technical support.

After purchasing 4900, we reach the programming goals and because of all the enhancements that come with this new machine. We are also very happy with the service we receive from BPM. The service is outstanding. We receive local support and also remote support for any issue related to the machine and this is very valuable in order to have the machine working in the production environment.

The support that we are receiving from BPM– to find the root cause of problems and provide the solution– is very valuable. It allows us to increase the yield of programmable devices with low yield programming performance.

We hope to continue working together with BPM to use all the capabilities that this machine can provide to us.