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Production-Level Support from BPM Microsystems

BPM Microsystems Production Support Features

Our production level support agreement is designed for those customers who run critical operations and demand the highest level of support possible. BPM Microsystems tailors our production support structure to make sure that customers receive fast, efficient support without any headaches.

Spare Parts – Warranty replacement parts can ship from our headquarters in Houston, Texas, or directly from one of our global stock locations. Warranty replacement does not cover consumable parts or damage caused by the customer. In the case of local spare parts, customers have had replacement parts at their facility and installed in less than 30 minutes. We cover programming sites (include site power supplies), all cables, industrial computer, motors, motor drivers, idlers, encoders, bearings, PC-Boards, cables, optics systems, pneumatic system components, laser, (Scanlab marking head, laser tube, electronic components, PCB’s, Pneumatic system parts), tape loader (TM50 or TM330 models only), tray stacker (TS1500 model only) – complete system coverage.


Priority Case Handling – You will receive priority in our new customer relationship management system. All of your incoming cases will receive a special tag that designates you as a full support user and we will prioritize your requests as necessary.

On-Site Support – On-site support does not require a PO for labor hours when you are under a hardware contract. You will only be required to submit a PO for travel and expenses only, saving you $1,600 USD per day. Typical service visits require 1-3 days.

Annual Preventative Maintenance – One of our experienced field service engineers will visit your facility once a year to perform preventative maintenance on your equipment. This will ensure that your equipment stays up to date and properly calibrated by a member of our team. We want to make sure that you are getting optimal performance from your automated programming systems.

Software Support – Get access to the latest version of BPWin to keep your machines running with all of the latest features. Software support also includes access to daily BPWin updates to provide customers with the latest, fully tested device algorithms. Contract holders will receive immediate notification of critical changes made to existing algorithms in BPWin. Maintaining your programming equipment with the latest BPWin algorithms assures you the highest quality, best production yield and use of the last optimized algorithms supporting your programmable devices.

Device Support GDP Credits – Receive up to six GDP credits equal to a maximum value of $500 each. GDP credits can be used for algorithm additions and for some socket development charges.

BPM Microsystems offers three different support levels to allow customers to choose the level of support that best suits their production environment. All new automated programming equipment comes with one free year of our production level support which encompasses a suite of benefits tailored to those customers requiring the highest level of support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our basic support level is free to all customers who purchase any equipment from BPM Microsystems, and our software support tier is popular among our customers performing frequent manual programming and first article testing.

Support Level Offerings

Basic Support Software Support Production Level Support

Phone and Email Support during Office Hours

Training Documentation for Automated and Manual Equipment
BPWin Case Submission Tool
Account-Based Access to the Latest BPWin and Algorithm Releases.
6 Guaranteed Delivery Program Credits equal to a maximum value of $500 each for Algorithm Support

One Free Annual Preventative Maintenance Service Call

Access to Regional Stock Locations for Warranty Replacements
Full Hardware Warranty Support for Replacement Parts and Access to Manual Programming Loaner Equipment
Priority Case Handling
24x7 Phone and Email Support for Critical Issues
Free On-Site Labor hours from Our Experienced Field Service Engineering Team
Escalation Contact List with Managerial Contact Information


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