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Reach out to a Distributor or one of our APS Experts in your area for local support

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If you have an inquiry about Automated Programming Systems, please direct your questions to the Regional Sales Manager in your area. They will ensure that the person best-suited responds to you in the most timely manner.

Colin Harper

Colin Harper

Global Sales Director

BPM Microsystems
15000 Northwest Fwy,
Houston, TX 77040-3220
Phone:  +1 713 351-5521
Cell: 1+ 832 358-1002
Penny Santhanam

Penny Santhanam

Inside Sales, Technical Support, Customer Service, Field Support

BPM Microsystems Inc.
Phone: +1 713 351-5693
Cell:  +1 832 975-3115
Fax: +1 713-688-0920
15000 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77040
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Scott Bronstad

Scott Bronstad

Marketing Guy

We want to help you be successful! Let us know how we can help
Office: +1 713-263-3776 x5464
Cell: +1 832-816-6579

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