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Socket Naming Convention

by | Oct 9, 2019

Believe it or not, there actually is a structure to how BPM names socket modules. Below you’ll find the naming convention, and how to read the socket module product code.
Current variations(), F, S, W, L(), VE, X, LX(), 2, 3,4(), G2..G16(), ASM(), C, R, RH, L(ANY NUNBER)(ALL ALPHABET)(ALL ALPHABET)
1 (blank)Unique identifier
FFinished Product
SSame as "F" but without socket populated
WReplacement D-card (most likely non lead-free)
LReplacement D-card (most likely lead-free)Numonic indicate the type of package that the SM suport
2 (blank)Standard socketQFPQF
XSpeed increased (6th and 7th Gen)TSOPT
VESpeed increased, VectorEngine (FlashStream, 8th Gen and 9th Gen)SOIC, SOIC, SOPS
LXUniversal type module intended for 9th Gen univeral site (not yet finialized)QFNQFN
VXUniversal type module intended for 9th Gen univeral site only with high force sockets (greater than 30 lbs)QFN, LAP, MLF, ...etcLAP
3Number of D-cards that fit on a site
(blank)1 socket per sitePin count of devices that SM supports (if mulitple then gives largest pin countnnnnnnn
2 2 sockets per site
4 4 sockets per site
Standard socket assembled (soldered) to PCB (thru-hole or surface mount)(blank)
4Number of sockets on 1 PCBCompression (Surface) mount socket, detachable for replacing (e.g. mounted by 4 screws)C
(blank)1 socket on each PCBsocket in ReceptacleR
G2..G162 to 16 sockets on each PCB (Gang)High Insertion Count (HIC) socket (typically >50k insertions)H
Long Life socket (typically >100k insertions)L
5(blank)for manual only
Afor Automated and manual programmers, see variants below:SocketModule, Socket Card or D-cardSM