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Video Highlights of SMTA International 2023

Video Highlights of SMTA International 2023

Video Highlights of SMTA International 2023

Join us for a visual journey through BPM Microsystems’ impactful showcase at the SMTA International Trade Exhibition in Minneapolis October 10-11, 2023. From engaging with diverse industry professionals to our exciting drone giveaway, experience the essence of innovation and connection. Dive into the world of device programming and cybersecurity with BPM Microsystems, where the future of electronics takes shape.

Video: BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler Peripheral

Video: BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler Peripheral

Video: BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler Peripheral

Unveiling the Future of Device Labeling: Introducing BPM Microsystems’ Automated Labeler Peripheral for 3X and 4X Series

We take a dive into BPM Microsystems’ Automated Labeler Peripheral. Say goodbye to manual labeling and say hello to a streamlined, automated solution designed specifically for BPM 3X and 4X series automated programmers.

🌟 Features & Benefits:
📏 Size Versatility: The Automated Labeler handles label sizes ranging from a petite 3mm x 3mm, all the way up to 30x30mm, accommodating even the largest QFPs.

📜 Pre-printed or Blank Labels: You have the flexibility to use either pre-printed labels or blank labels, giving you the power to decide how your labeling process will go.

🔨 Quick & Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated setups. Installing the Automated Labeler is as simple as installing a tape feeder, making it an efficient add-on to your existing setup.

💲 Cost-Effective: A budget-friendly, one-time investment that pays dividends by ensuring traceability and quality assurance.

Enhanced Traceability: Add an extra layer of verification to ensure each device has been programmed correctly. Improve your workflow while adhering to quality standards.

🛠 Specifications:
Compatible With: BPM Microsystems 3X and 4X Series Automated Programmers
Label Size Range: 3mm x 3mm to 30mm x 30mm
Installation: Quick/easy, akin to a tape feeder
Pricing: Affordable initial investment

🔑 Why Choose the BPM Microsystems Automated Labeler?
This game-changing peripheral is an essential addition to your automated programming workflow. If you’re looking to boost your operational efficiency while also adding a robust layer of traceability, then look no further.

Virtual de Programador Automatizado

Virtual de Programador Automatizado

Virtual de Programador Automatizado

Explora el video de la demostración del APS 3928: equipado con Tecnología de Programación Universal y alineación visual en tiempo real. • Descubre la eficiencia de WhisperTeach en acción, automatizando la calibración del eje Z. • Presencia la versatilidad de hasta 7 estaciones de programación universales, soportando hasta 28 sockets para alcanzar las velocidades de programación más altas en el menor espacio posible. • Duración del video: aproximadamente 30 minutos. • Observa en detalle cómo se realiza un cambio de trabajo, demostrando la facilidad de adaptación a nuevos dispositivos sin necesidad de herramientas adicionales. • Sección de preguntas y respuestas incluida.

Resumen del Video:

Enrique Prieto, Gerente de Cuentas Nacionales de BPM para México, y José Romo, Técnico de Servicios de Campo con más de 20 años de experiencia, te guía en este video demostrativo donde explorarás las capacidades del 3928 APS, que cuenta con Tecnología de Programación Universal y alineación de visión en tiempo real. Vive la experiencia de WhisperTeach™, que simplifica la calibración del eje Z de manera automática. Apreciarás en vivo hasta 7 estaciones de programación universales, habilitadas con hasta 28 sockets, ofreciendo los tiempos de programación más rápidos en un espacio compacto. El video, con una duración cercana a los 30 minutos, incluye una sección donde se muestra un cambio de trabajo en tiempo real, para que puedas comprobar la sencillez de adaptación a nuevos dispositivos sin la necesidad de herramientas. Además, encontrarás un segmento dedicado a preguntas y respuestas.

En el transcurso del video también se abordará cómo la programación de dispositivos es sencilla, rentable y cómo puede generar un retorno de inversión positivo en tan solo unos meses.

Explore the video demonstration of the APS 3928: equipped with Universal Programming Technology and real-time visual alignment. (Video is in Spanish) • Discover the efficiency of WhisperTeach in action, automating the Z-axis calibration. • Witness the versatility of up to 7 universal programming stations, supporting up to 28 sockets to achieve the highest programming speeds in the smallest possible space. • Video duration: approximately 30 minutes. • Watch in detail how a job change is carried out, demonstrating the ease of adapting to new devices without the need for additional tools. • Q&A section included.

Video Summary:

Enrique Prieto, National Account Manager for BPM in Mexico, and José Romo, Field Services Technician with over 20 years of experience, guide you through this demonstrative video where you’ll explore the capabilities of the 3928 APS. It features Universal Programming Technology and real-time visual alignment. Experience WhisperTeach™, which simplifies the Z-axis calibration automatically. You’ll see live up to 7 universal programming stations, enabled with up to 28 sockets, offering the fastest programming times in a compact space. The video, with a duration close to 30 minutes, includes a section where a job change is shown in real-time, so you can verify the ease of adapting to new devices without the need for tools. Additionally, you’ll find a segment dedicated to questions and answers.

Throughout the video, the discussion will also include how device programming is straightforward, cost-effective, and how it can generate a positive return on investment in just a few months.

Video: 3D Inspection System on BPM Automated Programmers

Video: 3D Inspection System on BPM Automated Programmers

Video: 3D Inspection System on BPM Automated Programmers

Transcript:  Hi, Chip here! Introducing the revolutionary 3D Vision Inspection System. Measure critical parameters like coplanarity, pitch, bent leads, XY error, width, diameter, standoff, and tip offset with our state-of-the-art system.

Integrated with BPWin software, this system ensures higher yields and efficiency by avoiding human and manufacturing errors before production.

Customize, analyze, control, and trace your inspection process with ease using our software. Ensure optimal quality every time.

Eliminate soldering errors caused by bent leads and coplanarity issues. Our 3D Vision Inspection System precisely measures device contacts, ensuring exceptional quality control.

Seamlessly integrated into the BPM 3928 (and the BPM310) Automated Programmer, our system maximizes production yield and efficiency for programming mission-critical devices.

BPM is the only supplier of device programming solutions made exclusively in the USA, providing automotive-level 3D inspection capabilities in a smaller platform system.

Ensure the highest quality of your electronic devices, eliminate errors, and achieve unparalleled efficiency with our 3D Vision Inspection System.

BPM – Your trusted partner in advanced device programming and 3D inspection solutions.

Video: Enhancing the Customer Journey

Video: Enhancing the Customer Journey

Video: Enhancing the Customer Journey

BPM Microsystems’ Approach to Custom Success at SMTConnect 2023

At the SMTConnect 2023 event in Nuremberg, Germany, Iain Hazlewood from What’s New in Electronics TV engages in a conversation with Penny Santhanam, the Senior Director of Custom Success at BPM Microsystems. Emphasizing the significance of the customer journey, they delve beyond technical aspects and machines. Penny highlights the pivotal role customers play, stating, “(Without the customer), we have nothing.”

To ensure an exceptional experience, BPM Microsystems extends its support from the initial point of engagement until the end. They assign dedicated account managers, conduct quarterly business reviews, offer touchpoints forecasting, and provide risk analysis. With a commitment to fostering a strong and mutually beneficial relationship, BPM Microsystems aims to deliver comprehensive care and value to its customers.


Iain Hazlewood: Hi, we’re at SMTConnect 2023 in Nuremberg, and I’m joined by Penny Santhanam from BPM Microsystems. Penny, you’re the Senior Director of Custom Success, right?

Penny Santhanam: Yes, sir.

Iain: Now, the customer journey’s the important thing which we don’t often talk about. We talk about technical things, the machines, all these sort of things, but without the customer…
Penny: We have nothing.
Iain: Yeah, so you know you’re taking them from the point they start to deal with BPM and through, and how long do you carry that relationship through?
Penny: Until the end. So, it’s really important for us, at the time of purchase, that we get involved, we introduce ourselves, and we assign an account manager so that they understand that they’re going to really be taken care of through the whole journey of the relationship with BPM. We do things like quarterly business reviews and touchpoints, forecasting. We advocate we provide risk analysis, so there’s a lot of beneficial pieces that we’re bringing to the table for the customer.
Iain: Yeah, and is it a two-way street, you know because you’re going to be learning from them because their demands, what they need, will change as their business changes?
Penny: Absolutely. Every customer is different, and that’s really important with our reviews so we can understand what do they need, what are their wants, and we make sure that when we talk to them the next time, that we’re fulfilling that need. So, we’re bringing value.
Iain: Yeah, do you find, do you find there’s a difference between what a customer wants and actually what they need?
Penny: For sure.
Iain: And is it a case of managing…
Penny: Those expectations? Absolutely. And sometimes that’s where the advocating comes into play, and we kind of walk them through because sometimes they don’t know, they don’t get the full picture, so we bring that to the table for them.
Iain: And you’ve got a lot of experience in dealing with a lot of different customers and a lot of different businesses, so you know you can quite easily share, without harming IP or whatever, but you can still share experience and you’ve got that knowledge to bring that to the table.
Penny: Yes, yes. So, we can provide them best practices, and that’s what we try to advocate. You know, in addition, I also handle all of our customer service and field service, so I make sure that they are getting the best experience that they’re needing, and then we’re providing training, and we’re doing the things that, again, are truly adding value to the relationship with our customer.
Iain: Fantastic, and that retains customers…
Penny: That’s the job.
Iain: That’s what helps their business as well.
Penny: Right, because if they don’t know something is happening, then we’re there to advocate and let them know that these are the trends that are happening in the technology side, so we bring in not just our customer success managers, we also bring in our technical group during our conversations so they get the full picture.
Iain: Yeah, I was going to say, how do you feed that back into your own business if you’ve got technical managers involved?
Penny: Right, well, I mean, we have to make sure that, you know, what they’re needing, then we can get product management involved. Like you said, every customer is different, and they have different needs. So, it’s our job to figure out what that is and how to get it for them.
Iain: What size team do you have to do this?
Penny: Currently, I have around 15 people on my team, so we’re busy (laughter), making sure all of our customers are happy.
Iain: Yes, yeah, um, and I guess it’s pretty rewarding as well, isn’t it because you…
Penny: Yeah, it is very rewarding. You know, we’re not there just to, of course, sell the next product or what the customer is needing to sustain, but we’re advocating, we’re being their partner, we’re doing things that are bringing value to them, which is important.
Iain: And do you think the industry has changed a lot in that respect? That it used to be very much, “We need that machine to do that thing,” they choose between two or three manufacturers, maybe, and…
Penny: For sure, yeah. Well, BPM has been in business for over 38 years, and during that time, we had been one of the few. So now, there’s a lot of different options out there for our customers. So for us, we need to bring a different value, and that value is really making sure that we’re taking care of the customer.
Iain: In that way, you certainly are…
Penny: Yeah, we hope we are…
Iain: It’s not hard to quantify, with, you know, this is where it’s developing, and you’ve got those ongoing relationships. And I guess, you know, the fact that I guess small companies or large companies get the same level of service from you.
Penny: Right, absolutely. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smaller company or a bigger OEM, everybody is treated the same. Yeah, for sure.
Iain: Fantastic. And a show like this is a great place to see some of this.
Penny: Absolutely! We’re partnering with Adaptsys here at the show, and it’s great to hear from the customer and also hear their concerns or what we could be doing better. So, that’s what I bring back to the table and bring it back to my employees.
Iain: Yeah, fantastic. Well, I hope the rest of the show is really successful for you. It’s been quite busy so far.
Penny: Yes, it’s been great! We’re really excited to be back.
Iain: Thanks for spending time talking to us.

Video: SMTconnect 2023

Video: SMTconnect 2023

Video: SMTconnect 2023

Unveiling the Future of Programming with the BPM310

Join BPM Microsystems on an exciting journey through SMTconnect 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. In this video, we highlight the stand-out moments from BPM Microsystems’ presence at the trade show. Witness the exceptional interest around our star performer, the BPM310 automated programmer, and catch a glimpse of the engaging live demonstrations that left industry professionals intrigued and impressed.

Hosted by our lovable mascot, Chip, this video encapsulates the bustling atmosphere, the fruitful conversations, and the high-quality leads generated during the event. Don’t miss out on this behind-the-scenes look at how we’re shaping the future of programming at BPM Microsystems.

Transcript: “This is Chip, your friendly BPM Mascot, reporting live from SMTconnect in Nuremberg Germany.

“It’s been an incredible few days here! The turnout has been fantastic, with a steady flow of visitors drawn to our cutting-edge technologies, and the chance to win some pretty cool prizes by spinning the wheel!

“Our BPM310 automated programmer has truly been in the spotlight. We’ve hosted some engaging demonstrations, highlighting its unrivaled speed, precision, and user-friendly interface.

“And the reactions? Absolutely positive! Industry professionals from around the globe have been impressed by the BPM310’s capabilities, leading to valuable discussions and inquiries.

“But it’s not just about the tech, it’s about the people too. We’ve had the pleasure of connecting with many potential partners and clients.

“Here at BPM Microsystems, we’re not just building machines, we’re shaping the future of programming. And based on the enthusiasm here at SMTconnect, the future is indeed promising.

“This is Chip, saying, ‘Danke, Nürnberg!’, and keep on programming!”