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Return Authorization Procedure– BPM Microsystems

BPM Microsystems uses a Return Material Authorization (RMA) process for equipment returns.

Repair or Calibration
Repair or Calibration

BPWin provides a diagnostics tool that can describe the problem description for your hardware configuration. Access the diagnostics tool in BPWin by clicking Tools > Programmer Diagnostics.


Additional Terms and Conditions

  • BPM is only responsible for equipment while in our possession.
  • For non-warranty returns, the customer is responsible for all freight charges.
  • For authorized warranty returns, the customer is responsible for shipping charges to BPM. BPM will pay “Ground” delivery charge for authorized domestic warranty returns or “Standard Express International” delivery charge for authorized international warranty returns from BPM to the customer location.
  • BPM is not responsible for shipping damage after the carrier takes possession of the package. The customer must make any shipping damage claim directly with the freight carrier.
  • The Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes.
  • If you decline the repair, BPM will invoice you for the minimum evaluation amount. Additionally, you must notify BPM to return the equipment unrepaired or scrap the equipment. If you elect “scrap”, then the equipment will be disposed of and will no longer be available for return.
  • In very rare cases, the final repair charges may not match initial repair estimate. BPM will contact you with the final repair estimate for your approval and revised
    purchase order.

Warranty Request Information

BPM Tech Support will verify the warranty status of equipment by the equipment serial number on the RMA form. If equipment meets the warranty conditions, then BPM will issue an RMA for the warranty items. The equipment warranty period is one year from date of original shipment.

Non-Warranty and Evaluation Request Instructions

BPM Tech Support will request an advance Purchase Order for all non-warranty repair or evaluation RMA requests. Please include the following information on your PO request:

  • Customer Bill To Address (Company Name, Company Address, Purchasing Contact Name, Phone, Email)
  • Customer Ship To Address (Ship To Name, Ship To Address, Contact Name, Phone, Email)
  • Return Instructions: Your freight carrier account number and preferred shipment priority/method
  • FOB Origin
  • Customer Account Terms with BPM
  • BPM part/model number, quantity, and serial number of all equipment being returned
  • Initial Price: Minimum evaluation and repair charges are $250.00 per item received. Calibration charges are $135.00 per site.
  • Standard labor rates are $175.00 per hour
  • All prices, rates, and terms are subject to change
  • Total Price for all line items

Email completed Purchase Order form with your completed RMA Form to tech@bpmmicro.com.

After BPM receives the Purchase Order, BPM will email you the assigned RMA number. Follow the shipping instructions below. If the repair estimate exceeds the initial PO amounts, BPM will contact you with an estimated repair quote and request a revised Purchase Order for the said estimate. Receipt of the revised Purchase Order will act as your authorization for BPM to process with the repairs.

Shipping Instructions

After receiving an official RMA number from BPM Microsystems, please follow these shipping instructions.
NOTE: Do not ship the equipment to BPM before receiving a BPM RMA number. BPM will reject the shipment if it does not have an RMA number.

  • Ensure RMA number is clearly marked on the outside of the package
  • Securely pack the goods to prevent damage in transit
  • Include the following on shipping label:

Attn: RMA # _________
BPM Microsystems
15000 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77040-3220 USA
Phone: +1 713-688-4600

International Shipping Documentation Instructions

  • BPM Microsystems is not responsible for duties or taxes imposed due to improper international shipping documentation.
  • For all returns outside of the United States (including Canada and Mexico): Prepare and include a commercial invoice with the shipment.
  • Include the following statement with the Item Description: “Equipment returned temporarily for repair and has no customs value, Made in the U.S., not advanced in value or improved condition. U.S. HTS#: 9801.00.1012”
  • Complete CBP Form 3311 (Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Declaration For Free Entry Of Returned American Products) CBP Form 3311 must include item #6. Reason For Return as: “Equipment is being returned temporarily for repair and has no customs value, Made in the U.S., not advanced in value or improved condition. U.S. HTS#: 9801.00.1012”
  • Refer to CBP Form 3311 Instructions for information about completing CBP Form 3311 to avoid import duties or taxes