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Device Support Terms & Conditions

  1. A pressure plate part number for 8th and 9th Gen automated programming will be identified after the proposal has been accepted and shall be purchased separately. Typical pressure plate pricing is $25 USD each, and one is needed per each automated programming site.
  2. The quote with lead time estimate is based on typical support requirements and specifies the expected lead time for when the new hardware will ship from BPM facility. This estimate is based on lead time for similar devices and begins from purchase order acceptance. The purchase order must be received before 10:30 AM U.S.CST. on a business day to be counted as the first day of quoted standard lead time. BPM Microsystems must receive confirmation that devices are available from customer or semi-house within 3 days of PO acceptance response to maintain the delivery schedule. Furthermore, BPM must be able to obtain physical devices within 12 days to maintain the delivery schedule. If BPM is unable to obtain devices during this time, then the purchase order may be rejected. In order to properly develop and test communication software, BPM Microsystem will need at least 6 erasable or 10 one-time-programmable devices, whichever is applicable unless otherwise stated.
  3. A purchase Order acceptance will generate the release of the actual part number, which will be referenced in the Shipping Documentation and Invoice. If an existing socket adapter part number is identified during this phase, revised price and lead time information will be provided and the customer will be asked to update their purchase order. Pricing will be updated based on the algorithm development price and existing socket adapter price.
  4. The delivery date for this support is contingent on the availability of a dedicated semi house technical contact. For Microsemi devices, the support will be released after passing Microsemi qualification, this may affect the final lead-time. If BPM encounters a technical hurdle that requires semi house or customer assistance, the delivery date will extend by the number of days it takes for the respective party to respond.
  5. Up to two algorithm credits can be applied towards the development of the algorithm.
  6. In some instances, further research may conclude that a custom or High Insertion Count socket is the only available solution. In this case, a revised quotation will be provided. Customer will have the option to revise the PO or cancel the order without charge.
  7. In the event an “R” assembly with a replaceable socket is not possible, the adapter with solder connection will be designed, and the customer will be invoiced at the lower price.
  8. Sockets are consumable items. Socket Insertion Rating Estimate can range +/- 30%. This is dependent on several factors such as proper maintenance and care, environmental conditions during use and storage, the device lead composition and geometry, as well as proper machine usage in the case of automated adapters.
  9. Socket cleaning information can be found here
  10. Automated 8th and 9th Gen programming sites require a minimum of two FVE2 or FVE4 socket cards so that site stepper motors are properly balanced during cycling.
  11. Due to memory size limitation, the non-blank data programmable onto the device for the 9th Gen platform is limited to 256GB.
  12. In case of cancellation, a fee will be charged to recover any cost incurred that has been carried out from the time of receiving the PO to the time of cancellation, which includes but not limited to design, material, development, administration, and reasonable profit.
  13. Development work put on hold for an extended period by the customer will be subject to the terms of cancellation and can be invoiced at the full price of the PO.
  14. Benchmark estimates provided are based on the maximum device performance characteristics published in the programming specification, combined with the performance capability of the programmer model for the full range of the device. We expect the actual performance may be +/- 10% of the estimate.
  15. Payment terms are net 30 days upon credit approval.
  16. BPM Microsystems Inc. is a collector of Texas state sales tax only.
  17. The Device Support Terms and BPM Microsystems’ Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
  18. If samples cannot be provided by the customer then BPM will add an additional $100 USD charge to the quote for the purpose of acquiring our own samples. If the sample cost exceeds $100 USD, then the customer will be required to send samples.
Updated 7/31/2019