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WhisperTeach™- Auto Z-Teach

WhisperTeach™— BPM’s advanced patented Auto-Z teach technology eliminates the need for a highly skilled operator to set critical Z-height for pick-and-place functions. WhisperTeach™ offers faster set up times and improved yields.  WhisperTeach™ eliminates common Z-height errors such as miss picks, miss place, and socket continuity flaws.


Very small devices such as WLCSP, SOT, DFN have very low mass. When teaching Z with a vacuum, the suction causes the part to jump up to the nozzle, increasing the possibility of an inaccurate Z teach elevation. Because automated systems are extremely consistent, a less-than-perfect teach may cause pick and place errors, dropped parts, cracked parts, and continuity errors.


  • Available on all BPM Automated Programmers
  • Does not require additional hardware
  • Teaches large devices and VSP devices, from 32mm down to 0.4 x 0.2mm
  • Will not blow away small devices
  • Smarter detection algorithm which will self-calibrate with each teach attempt
  • It is fully automated. Just center the “bomb-sights” at the part and click the button.
  • Comes standard with most BPM Automated Programming Systems (APS)
  • The new hardware will not interfere with operation of old software for customers that need to continue using older releases


    A: Teach too high may cause misalignment. B: Teach too low may cause microfractures that oxidize over time. Device may pass initial test only to fail in the field​

  • Eliminates device jump cause by vacuum
  • Because it does not use vacuum, the part stays stationary until the part is detected
  • At least 10x more accurate than industry-standard vacuum teach (accurate to within 15 microns)
  • Makes teaching very simple for operators
  • Reduces operator training required
  • Reduces setup and teach time
  • Increases machine up time
  • Improves yield

US Patent


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