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US Patent Approved 2/23/2021

An object detection system utilizes a teach cycle performed with an ingenious object detector that utilizes the pick-up nozzle. The height of the object is stored as the taught height to be used subsequently in repetitive operations by the machine. This teaching method is particularly useful for very small objects and is available on all BPM Automated Programming Systems. BPM calls this patented process WhisperTeach™.

WhisperTeach™ offers faster setup times and improved yields; it eliminates common Z-height errors such as miss picks, miss place, and socket continuity flaws. Very small devices such as WLCSP, SOT, DFN have very low mass. When teaching using a vacuum, the suction causes the part to jump up to the nozzle, increasing the possibility of an inaccurate Z teach elevation. Because it uses the pick-up nozzle to detect the object, the system knows precisely the exact coordinates without additional offset calculations.

Modern pick and place machines are highly repeatable. The quality of the repetitive pick/place process is dependent on the accuracy of the teach process. Human teaching can introduce repetitive inaccuracies. WhisperTeach is accurate to within 15microns; approximately 3x more accurate than humans can detect unaided.

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