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BPM Microsystems Exhibits at APEX Expo 2023 in San Diego

BPM Microsystems Exhibits at APEX Expo 2023 in San Diego

San Diego, CA – January 24, 2023 – BPM Microsystems, a leading provider of automated programming systems, is pleased to announce a great first day at the APEX Expo 2023, taking place in San Diego from January 24th to January 26th.

BPM Microsystems can be found at Booth 1219, where they will be showcasing their latest offering, the BPM310 Automated Programming System. The company has reported a great first day at the expo, with 55 documented visitors to the booth and 6 machine demonstrations of the BPM310 system.

BPM310 Automated programming system at APEX '23“We are thrilled to be participating in this year’s APEX Expo and to have the opportunity to showcase our innovative technology to such a large and diverse audience,” says Colin Harper, Director of Sales and Product Management for BPM Microsystems. “We would like to extend our congratulations to the team for their hard work in making this event such a success.”

BPM Microsystems invites all attendees to stop by booth 1219 to see the BPM310 Automated Programming System in action and to speak with their team of experts. To schedule a personal demonstration, click here (hurry, limited availability)

For more information on BPM Microsystems and the BPM310 Automated Programming System, click here.

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Global SMT Live at APEX Expo 2023

CHIPS Act Making an Impact in US

CHIPS Act Making an Impact in US

According to Global SMT, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) noted in a report that as of May 2020, more than 40 new semiconductor ecosystem projects have been announced in the United States, including new factories, expansion of existing locations, as well as factories that supply and produce materials and production facilities. Combined, these projects are worth nearly $200 billion in private investment, reported in 16 states. All told, these new projects will create around 40,000 new high-jobs in the semiconductor fabrication market, expanding the availability of critical parts that are currently hard to get.

These projects especially affect Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Texas.

Below is a chart of development by State:


Company Name




Employment (Direct)

Arizona Intel Chandler $20 billion New 3000 (2 fabs)
TSMC Phoenix $40 billion New 4500 (2 fabs)
California Western Digital Fremont/San Jose $350 million Expansion 240
Florida SkyWater Osceola County $36.5 million Expansion 220
Idaho Micron Boise $15 billion (through 2030) New 2000
Indiana SkyWater West Lafayette $1.8 billion New 750
NHanced Odon $236 million New 413
Everspin Technologies Odon Unknown New 35
Trusted Semiconductor Solutions Odon $34 million New 40
Kansas Radiation Detection Technologies Manhattan $4 million Expansion 30
New Mexico Intel Rio Rancho $3.5 billion Expansion 700
New York Micron Clay $20 billion ($100B over 20 years) New 9000 (4 fabs)
Global Foundries Malta $1 billion Expansion 1000
North Carolina Wolfspeed Chatham County $5 billion (over 10 years) New 1800
Ohio Intel New Albany $20 billion ($100B over 10 years) New 3000 (2 fabs)
Oregon Analog Devices Beaverton $1 billion Expansion 280
Rogue Valley Microdevices Medford $44 million New Unknown
Texas Samsung Taylor $17 billion New 2000
Texas Instruments Sherman $30 billion (through 2030) New 3000 (4 fabs)
Texas Instruments Richardson $6 billion Expansion 800
NXP Austin/TBD $2.6 billion Expansion 800
Utah Texas Instruments Lehi $3 billion Expansion 1100
TOTAL $186.6 billion 
(up to $346.6 billion)
34,708 jobs

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World’s first DDR5 DRAM chips using 12nm Tech from Samsung

World’s first DDR5 DRAM chips using 12nm Tech from Samsung

According to Global SMT, Samsung announced the world’s first DDR5 DRAM chips manufactured using 12nm semiconductor manufacturing technology. The company unveiled its 16Gb DDR5 DRAM chips and said they have already been evaluated for compatibility with AMD’s Zen processors.

The new chips are more efficient and offer 23% better performance than previous-generation DRAM chips. The South Korean company said it made this technological leap possible by using high-κ material, which increases cell capacitance. Samsung also used its own technology to improve critical circuits.

The company’s new DDR5 DRAM chips use advanced multi-layer lithography to achieve the industry’s highest die density and offer 20% higher wafer productivity. These chips are capable of transfer rates of up to 7.2 Gbps, which is equivalent to processing two 30GB 4K movies in one second.

Samsung will begin mass production of its 12nm class DDR5 DRAM chips in early 2023. Products based on these DRAM chips can be expected sometime in the last quarter of 2023.


DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) is a type of computer memory that is used in computers, servers, and other devices that require high-speed data transfer. It is the successor to DDR4 and offers improved performance and higher density compared to its predecessor.

The size of the technology used to manufacture a memory chip, such as DDR5, is typically measured in nanometers (nm). A smaller technology size generally allows for higher density and better performance, as it allows more transistors to be packed into a smaller area.

As of 2021, DDR5 memory chips are generally manufactured using technology sizes of 10nm or 12nm. Using a 12nm technology size allows for a higher density of transistors on the chip, which can lead to improved performance and power efficiency.

It is worth noting that technology sizes are constantly improving, and memory manufacturers are continually working on new technologies and processes to further improve the performance and density of their products.

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Video: IPC APEX 2023

Video: IPC APEX 2023

Video: IPC APEX 2023

BPM Microsystems will display its 10th Generation programming technology platform, the BPM310, Automated Programming System, at the IPC APEX Expo.

IPC APEX is the largest event for electronics manufacturing in North America, attracting more than 9,000 professionals, from 45 countries.

BPM is celebrating 22 years of exhibiting at APEX, on its 38th anniversary as a company. Make plans now to attend IPC APEX Expo 2023, January 24-26, at the San Diego Convention Center, Booth 1219.

BPM Microsystems to Showcase the BPM310 Automated Programmer at IPC APEX 2023

BPM Microsystems to Showcase the BPM310 Automated Programmer at IPC APEX 2023

BPM Microsystems, Inc. will display its 10th Generation programming technology platform and the BPM310 Automated Programming System at the IPC APEX Expo, starting January 24, 2023, in San Diego, California. The 10th Generation offers the industry’s fastest programming times for UFS, eMMC, Flash, and MCUs with twice as many sockets per site as its predecessor. The BPM310 offers a capacity of up to 48 sockets, automotive-level quality, and reliability in a small footprint. 10th Gen delivers the fastest UFS programming performance in the industry achieving up to 440MB per second Read and 201MB per second Write. First-part time is accelerated owing to the fact that UFS programming can commence without pausing for data to download.


IPC APEX Expo is the largest event for electronics manufacturing in North America, attracting more than 9,000 professionals from 45 countries. From the industry’s leading technical conference and application-focused professional development courses to the innovation-driven exhibit floor, IPC APEX EXPO 2023 will be packed with seminars, awards, and amazing technology.

BPM is celebrating 22 years of exhibiting at APEX on its 38th anniversary as a company. Make plans now to attend IPC APEX Expo ’23 January 24-26, 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center (view event page here).


The BPM310 is positioned to outperform higher-priced systems and includes advanced features such as WhisperTeach™, on-the-fly vision alignment, CSP support, serialization, encryption, and JobMaster while providing true universal technology. 10th Gen supports the broadest range of devices including MCUs, eMMC, NAND, Serial Flash, UFS, and others. Highly configurable, the BPM310 provides options for Tape I/O, Tray I/O, Tube I/O, laser marking, and 3D inspection. 

“We’re excited to demonstrate the BPM310 at APEX 2023,” says Colin Harper, Global Sales Director at BPM. “The market response to this highly configurable, socket-dense machine has been tremendous. The small footprint, amazing productivity, and ease of use set it apart in the industry.”

The BPM310 leverages much of the socket adapter and algorithm development currently available on BPM’s 9th Generation systems. And like all 9th Gen automated programmers, the BPM310 continues to offer ease of operation and fast setup with award-winning BPWin process control software and patented WhisperTeach™. WhisperTeach™ automatically teaches the critical Z-height of each pick/place location with 15-micron accuracy. Accurate automated teaching is vital for small packages due to fundamental human limitations. In addition, WhisperTeach™ saves an average of 83% of the time required for the job setup compared to traditional methods while increasing quality and yield

BPM manufactures its 10th Generation systems in their ISO 9001:2015 certified plant located in Houston, Texas, and their products carry the CE Mark. BPM continues to offer 9th Generation programmers for manual and automated programming. If you are coming to APEX 2023, visit booth 1219 from January 24, 2023, through January 26, 2023, in beautiful San Diego, to see a live BPM310 demo. For more information on the BPM310, go to bpmmicro.com/BPM310.

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Colin Harper Video Interview from Electronica ’22

Colin Harper Video Interview from Electronica ’22

Colin Harper Video Interview from Electronica ’22

Karen “Kaz” Pearman speaks to Colin Harper, the Global Sales Director for BPM Microsystems during the Electronica 2022 Trade Show in Munich, Germany. Ms. Pearman is an independent journalist with “What’s New in Electronics” WNIE TV.

Issues faced in today’s marketplace

  • Value (smaller form factor, same capacity)
  • Greater socket density available on 10th Generation Sites
  • 3D inspection (automotive quality) in a smaller system
  • Supply Chain
  • Verify the device before it is placed on PBC board
  • Handles all media (tape, tube, tray)
  • Universal support on one platform

View the WNIE TV playlist from electronica ’22 here

Colin Harper

Colin Harper

Global Sales Director, BPM

Kaz Perman

Kaz Perman

Independent Journalist