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3rd Quarter Business Review and Company BBQ

3rd Quarter Business Review and Company BBQ

3rd Quarter Business Review and Company BBQ

BPM managers met for two days of department and individual business reviews September 10 and 11, 2019. We gathered the whole sales team from around the world: Dragon Zhang joined us from China and David Whitton traveled to Houston from Europe for two weeks of intensive training and meetings. William White, the founder and CEO of BPM, conducted the high-level strategy meetings. BPM will celebrate 35 years of business next year, and we’re excited for great things from the end of the year through 2020!

BPM Sales Department awarded two “Sales Hero” Awards: Colin Harper, Director of Engineering and Product Development, for some exciting advances (to be revealed soon), and Jon Bondurant, VP of Operations, for automating follow-ups in Salesforce for Inside Sales.

The whole BPM family gathered for a BBQ lunch, cooked on-site by Corey Miles, Director of Device Support.

BPM Microsystems Announces Top Channel Partner Awards

BPM Microsystems Announces Top Channel Partner Awards

Global Partners Set Sales Records in their Territories

James Cawkell, Global Sales Director for the Adaptsys Group receives the Global Sales Award from James Holava, Former Global Account Director for BPM Microsystems at the recent SMT Connect Trade Show in Nuremberg, Germany

BPM Microsystems, the global leader in automated programming systems recognizes the 2018 contributions of three of their Channel Partners, with Adaptsys Group receiving the Top Global Partner Award. “Adaptsys has a long history with BPM and epitomizes what we look for in a channel partner,” says Don McMahan, former Global Sales Consultant. “I have spent most of my professional career growing sales through channels, and it’s rare to see an outside organization with the entrepreneurial spirit mixed with a great ground-game like the guys at Adaptsys,” says McMahan. The Adaptsys Group is headquartered in the UK, with sales and support personnel covering most of Europe.

The Adaptsys Group has partnered with BPM for over 15 years. James Cawkell, Global Sales Director at The Adaptsys Group, comments on their partnership with BPM: “Whether it’s working Electronica (a huge trade show in Munich) with BPM, consulting together on a new project, or installing the latest Automated Programming System, it’s always enjoyable to work with folks who work as hard (and smart) as we do!”

“We not only wish to celebrate Adaptsys as number one last year globally,” says McMahan, “but two other partners in strategic regions for BPM as well and I personally want to congratulate Interlatin for Latin America and iNETest in Asia. As the details below highlight, we are delighted and honored to have such great partners around the globe. Thank you all.”

Best in Regional Sales for 2018 in Latin America/South America is Interlatin. Although only working together for a little over 2 years, Interlatin has distinguished itself in several ways. They were founded in 1999 and today have almost 500 employees, including sales, field engineers and service delivery in major manufacturing cities in Mexico: Guadalajara, Reynosa, Matamoros, Monterrey, Queretaro, Chihuahua, Ciudad del Juarez, Tijuana, etc. The local support presence means parts, service, and support are available 24/7/365. Having that level of support has made the difference in at least one recent deal, where the facility in Mexico went with a “different” supplier than their European parent company.

“This organization embodies the BPM reputation for service, and they work hard to please our customers as if it was their own brand,” says Armando Garcia, former Sales Director-Americas for BPM. “We are very fortunate and pleased to have Interlatin as a member of our team!”

Weiming Chin, BPM Sales Manager, and Dragon Zhang, BPM former Regional Sales Manager, present the award certificate to Boey GP, iNETest General Manager, and Jessen Hoe, iNETest Sales Director.

Earning the honor of Best in Regional Sales for 2018 in Asia is iNETest, located in Penang, Malaysia. According to BPM Regional Manager for Asia, Dragon Zhang, “BPM has partnered with iNETest for over 12 years mainly because of their single-minded focus on the customer. It’s their belief that their growth as a company is entirely based on a high level of customer satisfaction. iNETest has the fastest response times in the region, with dedicated personnel that handles customer service, repairs, and technical inquiries.”

Zhang adds that “I love working with the team at iNETest; these guys share our goals and are relentless in making sure their customers get the best solution, with the best service, for the best value. Together, we have grown for more than a decade, along with our customers.”

About BPM

BPM has delivered more fine-pitch automated programming systems than all our competitors combined. BPM sets the standard in the industry. Their latest advance is the innovative 9th Generation series of programmers. These are the fastest universal programmers supporting MCUs, FPGA, eMMC, NAND, NOR, Serial Flash memory devices and more. These programmers apply Vector Engine® BitBlast, which offers record-breaking programming speeds for managed NAND devices. BPM is ISO 9001:2015 and CE Certified.

About WhisperTeach™

BPM was awarded the 2019 New Product Introduction (NPI) Award in the category of Production Software for its WhisperTeach+ solution, only available on BPWin™ software. The award was presented to BPM at the 2019 IPC APEX Show. This marks two years running to win the NPI; WhisperTeach™ won last year for automating the z-height teach. WhisperTeach+ takes it to another level by automating not just the critical z-height, but all the socket locations as well.

The Adaptsys Group www.adaptsys.com.

Interlatin https://interlatin.com.mx/

iNETest https://www.ellipsizdss.com/our_products/ems/chip-programmer/bpm-microsystem/automated-programmers

See original Press Release

BPM Microsystems Wins Product Innovation Award for WhisperTeach™

BPM Microsystems Wins Product Innovation Award for WhisperTeach™

2018 New Product Introduction Award Presented at IPC APEX EXPO

HOUSTON, TX-Apr. 10, 2018- BPM Microsystems, a leading global provider of IC device programming solutions, announces that is has been awarded the 2018 New Product Introduction Award in the category of Production Software for its WhisperTeach™ solution on the BPWin™ platform. The award was presented to the company during a ceremony that took place at IPC APEX on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

“Pick and place errors account for the majority of quality issues when programming semiconductor devices. The vacuum systems can easily blow these delicate devices out of place, or cause them to jump up to the nozzle. This can result in poor job yield and the potential for inaccurate alignment,” said Sarah Kamery, Director of Product Marketing for BPM Microsystems. “With devices getting smaller and smaller, operators need automated solutions to quickly and accurately teach jobs, and WhisperTeach™ provides that solution.”

WhisperTeach™ uses artificial intelligence and an enhanced pneumatic system to learn and determine the accurate z-height between the nozzle and device. BPM invented WhisperTeach™, patent pending, to help programming centers and manufacturers reduce setup time per job, improve cycle time, reduce changeover time, and improve job accuracy.

The annual NPI Awards recognize companies that introduce innovative new products for electronics assembly equipment, materials, software, and PCB fabrication. Award recipients are chosen by an independent panel of industry experts.

BPM Microsystems Named Best in Customer Service

BPM Microsystems Named Best in Customer Service

2018 Service Excellence Award Presented at IPC APEX EXPO

HOUSTON, TX-March 29, 2018- BPM Microsystems, a leading global provider of IC device programming solutions, announces that is has been awarded the 2018 Service Excellence in the category of Device Programming. The award was presented to the company during a Tuesday, February 27, 2018 ceremony that took place at IPC APEX Expo in San Diego.

“We are extremely humbled and proud to be awarded the 2018 Service Excellence Award,” said Corey Miles, Customer Delivery Director at BPM Microsystems. “I want to thank our customers who voted to award us with this honor. The feedback from the Service Excellence survey has helped us improve multiple customer-facing processes, and the Customer Service team loves hearing how they are performing. Customer feedback adds a very personal touch to our path forward to world class customer service.”

The annual Service Excellence Awards recognize companies that received the highest customer service ratings, as judged by their own customers. Customers of participating companies rated each company in five service categories including dependability, quality, responsiveness, technology and value for price. Companies were rated on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being poor and 7 being best in class. BPM Microsystems ranked first place across device programming equipment providers.

BPM Microsystems accepts its 20th industry award during the IPC APEX Expo

HOUSTON — Feb. 20, 2013 — BPM Microsystems announces that it has been awarded a 2013 New Product Introduction (NPI) Award in the category of Device Programming for its 2800ISP parallel in-system device programmer. The award was presented to the company during a Tuesday, February 19, 2013 ceremony that took place at the San Diego Convention Center in California. This marks the company’s 20th industry award.

“We are extremely proud to be awarded the 2013 NPI Award for our new 2800ISP system,” said Jim Holava, North America sales manager.  The system incorporates our latest high-speed programming site technology with leading-edge pin electronics to provide a truly innovative solution to the programming-at-test bottleneck. I want to thank our customers who have been early adopters of this technology and our entire BPM team for all of their hard work in making this product a success.”

The new 2800ISP incorporates the company’s award-winning 8th Generation site technology utilizing its Vector Engine Co-Processor® into a custom-designed test fixture, allowing its customers to program flash architectures including eMMC, PCM and Raw NAND, plus MCUs and other device technologies on-board after reflow. In 2012, the company added support for third party functional testing, such as boundary scan, with the capability to test up to 240 pins in addition to the 960 pins available for programming.

Ideal for medium- to high-volume production, the 2800ISP is configurable and can program up to 16 devices in parallel. Like all 8th Generation programmers, the 2800ISP with BPM’s Vector Engine Co-Processor is capable of achieving an amazing peak operating rate of 12.8 Gb per second. This solves the test bottleneck while allowing the operator to program the latest data just in time, all while attaining a very low programming cost per device.

Premiering in 2008, Circuits Assembly’s NPI Awards program is an annual celebration of product excellence in electronics surface mount assembly. Premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

BP Microsystems has been selected for the Inc. 500  as one of this year’s fastest-growing companies

BP Microsystems has been selected for the Inc. 500 as one of this year’s fastest-growing companies

BP Microsystems Inc., based in Houston, Texas has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. magazine, which today released its annual ranking of the Inc. 500, the comprehensive guide to America’s fastest-growing private companies.

The Inc. 500, published on October 15th, is an exclusive report on the companies and CEOs who are changing the face of American business. Noteworthy alumni include such household corporate names as Microsoft and Patagonia.

Established in 1985, BP Microsystems, Inc. is a global supplier of engineering and production device programmers and the leading supplier of vision-based automated programming systems. Setting the standard in device support, performance, ease-of-use, and cost-of-ownership, BP Microsystems provides total device programming solutions with a variety of device programmers including Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems®, Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems, and In-Line Programming Systems.

“The reason for making the Inc. 500 is simple,” said David Loeschner, Executive Vice President. “Our product line is strong, innovative, and we listen to the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with a broad range of programming solutions, from single-site engineering programmers all the way to In-Line Programming Systems for SMT lines.”

California tops the Inc. 500 with 75 companies on the list and Texas is second with 38 firms. Virginia and Massachusetts tie for third, with 27 companies each. Georgia and New York share the fourth spot (24) and Illinois (23) rounds out the top five. The sales by the 18th annual Inc. 500 companies increased by an average of 1,715% (an average of over $22 million) in just five years.

A look at the Inc. 500 by industry indicates that, as in past years, computer-related companies dominate the rankings (46% of the 500), a 10% increase from the 1998 rankings. The remainder of the list is comprised of companies from the following industries: business services (15%), consumer goods and services (10%), financial services (6%), telecommunications (5%), construction (5%), health/medical (4%), industrial products (4%), transportation (2%), media (1%) and environment (1%).

This marks the 18th year that Inc. 500 has charted the progress of America’s most innovative and successful entrepreneurs. To be eligible for the Inc. 500, companies have to be independent and privately held through 1998, have at least $200,000 in sales in the base year, 1994, and their 1998 sales must have exceeded their 1997 sales. The ranking is based on the percentage increase in sales from 1994 through 1998. Holding companies, regulated banks, and regulated utilities are not eligible. Inc. verified all information using tax forms and financial statements from certified public accounts and by conducting interviews with company officials. BP ranked 475.