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As the sun rises over Anaheim, CA, the excitement among tech enthusiasts and industry professionals is building. Today marks the opening of IPC APEX EXPO 2024, North America’s largest expo dedicated to Electronic Manufacturing solutions, and we at BPM Microsystems are thrilled to be at the heart of innovation, showcasing our cutting-edge 10th Gen Automated Programming Technology.

Located at booth #2720 (video), our display is set against the vibrant backdrop of the Anaheim Convention Center, where we’re eagerly awaiting to greet you. Just moments before the doors officially open, we’ve captured the our sales executives and the state-of-the-art BPM310 equipment, all ready to demonstrate the future of programming technology.

Our 10th Gen technology represents a leap in productivity, ease of use, and reliability for component programming. Tailored to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry, the BPM310 is the undisputed leader of universal programming solutions.  From automotive to consumer electronics, our solutions are engineered to empower your production capability today and well into the future.

As the expo unfolds, we invite you to join us for a one on one demo and discussion.  Whether you’re looking to streamline your operations, enhance product quality, or explore the latest trends and innovations, our team at booth #2720 is here to guide you through the capabilities and benefits of our Automated Programming Technology.

Let’s make day 1 of IPC APEX EXPO 2024 a remarkable journey into the future of electronic manufacturing.  We look forward to seeing you and exploring how we can drive your success together.

Let the show begin!