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BPWin 7.0.6 Release Notes

BPWin 7.0.6 Release Notes

BPWin Highlights

  • Improved accuracy of the Z-homing sequence for the LNC120 sensor.
  • Implemented automatic Z-home retries to minimize operator interaction.
  • Modified the sites “Fast Validate and Adjust” teach mode to remove any operator interaction requested during the operation which speeds up the process.

Other Updates

  • Fixed a compilation error on Standard Test and Program Language (STAPL) files, happening on some 9th generation programming algorithms.
  • Fixed a positive overflow error observed when programming algorithms create a significant amount of Device Programming Language (DPL) macros.
  • Fixed an issue happening when parsing the list of protection options in the RPI format.
  • Fixed the CJobMonitor API event “NotifySerializationAssignment” to return the serial number handle assigned by the COM complex serialization server.

New Support (Since 7.0.5 Release on Jan. 11, 2021)

Device Manufacturer Device Programmer Generation Socket Module Available Date BPWin Version
Cypress S29GL064S90BHI040 8th Gen FVE4ASMC48FVBGB 5/26/21 7.0.6
Kingston EMMC16G-TB29-90F01R 9th Gen FVE4ASMC153FBGEA 6/1/21 7.0.6
Microchip Technology SST39SF040-55-4I-NHE 6th Gen ASM32P 6/3/21 7.0.6
Micron MT28EW128ABA1HPC-0SIT 9th Gen FVE4ASM64LBGA 5/28/21 7.0.6
Samsung KLM8G1GEUF-B04P 9th Gen FVE4ASMC153FBGEA 6/3/21 7.0.6
Smart Modular Technologies SP9M4GH1AHI0 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 5/26/21 7.0.6
Texas Instruments TMS320F240PQ 7th Gen FASMR132QFPA 5/28/21 7.0.6
3D Plus 3DMR8M08VS8666 7th Gen SM48D 5/5/21 7.0.5
Actel A3P060-FGG144I 9th Gen LASMR144BGS 2/4/21 7.0.5
Actel RTAX2000S-CQ256V 7th Gen SMH256QB 3/25/21 7.0.5
Adesto AT45DQ161-SHFHB-T 9th Gen LX4ASM08SHL 4/15/21 7.0.5
Aeroflex UT28F256QLEL 7th Gen, 6th Gen SM28FLPA 4/27/21 7.0.5
Altera EPCQ128ASI16N 8th Gen FVE4ASM16SD 2/25/21 7.0.5
Altera EPCQ128ASI16N(MSB) 8th Gen FVE4ASM16SD 2/25/21 7.0.5
Atmel AT24C16C-XHM 7th Gen FX4ASMR08TSH 3/4/21 7.0.5
Atmel AT27C512R12JL 7th Gen ASM32P 5/20/21 7.0.5
Atmel ATSAM4S16CA-CFN 9th Gen LX4ASMC100BGT 5/11/21 7.0.5
Atmel ATSAM4S8CB-CFN 9th Gen LX4ASMC100BGT 5/4/21 7.0.5
Atmel ATtiny25-SU 9th Gen LX4ASM08SHL 3/5/21 7.0.5
Cypress CG8578AA 8th Gen FVE4ASMR100TQFQ 1/25/21 7.0.5
Cypress PALCE16V8-15DMB 7th Gen SM48D 3/9/21 7.0.5
Cypress S25FL064LABNFV010 9th Gen FVE4ASM08LAPG 1/29/21 7.0.5
Cypress S29AL016J70TFI010 9th Gen, 7th Gen FX4ASM48T 2/9/21 7.0.5
Cypress S29GL512T10FHI04 8th Gen FVE4ASM64LBGA 3/12/21 7.0.5
Freescale MC68HC908AZ60A-FU 9th Gen FVE4ASMR64QFPV 2/26/21 7.0.5
Freescale SPC5644AF0MMG3R 9th Gen FX4ASMR208BGZ 5/13/21 7.0.5
Hynix Semiconductor H26M41208HPR 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153FBGEA 3/30/21 7.0.5
Hynix Semiconductor H26M41208HPRQ 9th Gen HS400: FVE4ASMC153BGJ 3/4/21 7.0.5
Infineon SAF-XE167F-96F66L 8th Gen FVE2ASMR144LQFPA 5/18/21 7.0.5
Infineon SAK-TC237LP-32F200S A 9th Gen LX2ASMR292BGA 4/9/21 7.0.5
Intel 10M16SAU324I7P 7th Gen ASMR324BGE 3/1/21 7.0.5
ISSI IS29GL064-70TLET 9th Gen FVE4ASMR48TSL 5/21/21 7.0.5
ISSI ISSI IS29GL128-70SLET 7th Gen FX4ASMR56TCK 3/17/21 7.0.5
Kingston EMMC16G-TB29-90F01R 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 2/25/21 7.0.5
Kingston EMMC16G-TB29-90F01R 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 3/17/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO2-1200HC-4SG32 9th Gen LASMR32QFNVC 5/3/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO2-1200HC-4SG32C 9th Gen LASMR32QFNVC 5/3/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO2-640UHC-4TG144C 9th Gen 4/29/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO2-640UHC-5TG144I 9th Gen 4/29/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO2280C-3TN144C 9th Gen WASM144TQAA 5/21/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO3D-4300HC-5BG256C 8th Gen FVE2ASM256BGDB 5/7/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO3D-4300HC-5BG256I 7th Gen ASM256BGDB 5/7/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO3D-4300HC-5BG256I 8th Gen FVE2ASM256BGDB 5/7/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO3D-9400HC-5BG256C 9th Gen, 8th Gen, 7th Gen FVE2ASM256BGDB 2/2/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO3LF-4300C-6BG256I 9th Gen LASM256BGDB 3/31/21 7.0.5
Lattice LCMXO640C-3TN100CCA1 9th Gen 3/30/21 7.0.5
Macronix MX25L25645GMI-08G 8th Gen FVE4ASM16SD 3/12/21 7.0.5
Macronix MX25V1635FM2I 8th Gen FVE4ASMR08SHLA 4/26/21 7.0.5
Macronix MX66L2G45GXRI00 9th Gen, 8th Gen FVE4ASMC24BGJ 2/8/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology 24LC04BT-I/OT 9th Gen LX4ASML06SOTAC 2/26/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology 93AA56AT-I/OT 9th Gen LX4ASML06SOTAB 4/5/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology AT91SAM7A3-AU 9th Gen LX2ASMR100LQFH 3/26/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology ATXMEGA192D3-MH 9th Gen LX4ASMR64MLFM 4/23/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology PIC10F320-I/OT 8th Gen FVE4ASML06SOTA 5/14/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology PIC12F1571-I/P 7th Gen ASM48D300 3/15/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology PIC16C554 9th Gen FVE4ASM18SCA 1/21/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology PIC16F1829T-E/SO 9th Gen FVE4ASMR20SCA 1/26/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology PIC16F688-I/ST 9th Gen FVE4ASMR14TSF 4/22/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology PIC16F877A-E/PT 9th Gen FVE4ASM44TQFCB 3/8/21 7.0.5
Microchip Technology PIC16LF18875TI/MV 9th Gen FVE4ASMR40QFNR 2/3/21 7.0.5
Micron MT25QL02GCBB8E12-0SIT 7th Gen FX4ASMC24BGADI 4/19/21 7.0.5
Micron MT25QU128ABA1EW7-0SIT 9th Gen FVE4ASM08LAPG 5/21/21 7.0.5
Micron MT29F2G01ABAGDWB 8th Gen FVE4ASM08MLPA 4/22/21 7.0.5
Micron MT35XU02GCBA1G12-0AAT 8th Gen FVE4ASMC24BGK 2/22/21 7.0.5
Monolithic Power Systems MP2988GQ 9th Gen FVE4ASMC20QFNGQ 2/10/21 7.0.5
Monolithic Power Systems MP5920 9th Gen LX4ASMR33QFNZ 5/21/21 7.0.5
Monolithic Power Systems MP5922 9th Gen LX4ASMR33QFNZ 4/28/21 7.0.5
NEC UPD78F0514GA(T)-8EU-A 7th Gen, 6th Gen FX4ASMR48TQGA 4/19/21 7.0.5
NXP MC9S08LH36CLH 9th Gen ASMR64LQFZA(6th 3/22/21 7.0.5
NXP MK02FN64VLH10 9th Gen FVE4ASMR64LQPA 4/20/21 7.0.5
NXP S908AZ60AVFUER 8th Gen FVE4ASMR64QFPV 4/1/21 7.0.5
NXP SPC5777CLMME3 9th Gen LX2ASMR416BGT 4/9/21 7.0.5
ON Semiconductor CAT25040VI?GT3 8th Gen FVE4ASMR08SJAB 5/4/21 7.0.5
Renesas M306N4FGTFP 9th Gen 4/23/21 7.0.5
Renesas R5F5631BCDFP 9th Gen FVE4ASMR100LQFPAE 1/28/21 7.0.5
Renesas R5F5631YDDFP#V0 9th Gen LX4ASMR100LQFPAE 1/11/21 7.0.5
Renesas R5F565NEHDFB 9th Gen FVE2ASMR144QFPN 3/17/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F7014021EAFB#KA0 8th Gen FVE2ASMR144QPW 4/13/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701402EAFB 9th Gen FVE2ASMR144QPW 4/29/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701402EAFB 9th Gen FVE2ASMR144QPW 4/6/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701402EAFB#KA0 8th Gen FVE2ASMR144QPW 4/20/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701411EABG#HC0 8th Gen FVE2ASMR484BGTA 3/22/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701412EABG#HC0 8th Gen FVE2ASMR484BGT 4/9/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701412EABG#HC0 8th Gen FVE2ASMR484BGT 4/27/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701418EABG 8th Gen FVE2ASMR272BGZ 3/30/21 7.0.5
Renesas R7F701438EABG 8th Gen FVE2ASMR272BGZ 5/3/21 7.0.5
Renesas UPD78F0513AMC(S)-GAA-AX 9th Gen FVE4ASMR38SS 2/10/21 7.0.5
Renesas uPD78F1018FR1-BA4-A 7th Gen FX4ASMC64BGAZ 6/2/21 7.0.5
Renesas-M M30626FHPFP 9th Gen FVE2ASMR100TQFPZ 5/14/21 7.0.5
Samsung KLM4G1YEMD-B031 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 5/19/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDIN8DE2-8G 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 5/19/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDIN8DE4-32G 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 5/19/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDIN8DE4-64G 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 5/19/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDINBDA2-16G 9th Gen FVE4ASMC153FBGEA 5/14/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDINBDA2-16G 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 3/4/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDINBDA6-16G 9th Gen FVE4ASMC153FBGEA 5/6/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDINBDG4-8G (HS400) 9th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 3/18/21 7.0.5
SanDisk SDINBDG4-8G (HS400) 9th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 1/29/21 7.0.5
Silicon Labs EFM8BB31F16I-C-5QFN32 9th Gen FVE4ASMR32QFNB 4/29/21 7.0.5
Smart Modular Technologies SH9MxGP1ATx01_NOVA3 8th Gen FVE4ASMC153BGJ 3/25/21 7.0.5
Spansion S29AL008D90TFI013 9th Gen FVE4ASM48TS 2/19/21 7.0.5
STMicroelectronics M24M01-RDW6TP 7th Gen ASM08TSA 3/30/21 7.0.5
STMicroelectronics STM32F413VGT3TR 9th Gen FVE4ASMR100QFPF 2/18/21 7.0.5
STMicroelectronics STM32L151RBT7ATR 9th Gen FVE4ASMR64LQFPF 4/16/21 7.0.5
STMicroelectronics STM32L443CCT6 7th Gen, 6th Gen FX4ASMR48LQFK 3/1/21 7.0.5
STMicroelectronics STM32U585QII6 8th Gen FVE4ASMC132BGFS 3/31/21 7.0.5
Texas Instruments CC2640R2LRHBR 9th Gen FVE4ASMR32QFNZD 5/6/21 7.0.5
Texas Instruments F280049PZQR 9th Gen, 8th Gen LX4ASMR100QFPZS 4/19/21 7.0.5
Texas Instruments S570PSFS762BRFPSQ1 9th Gen LX2ASMR144QFPA 3/12/21 7.0.5
White Electronic Designs WF1M32B-XHX3 9th Gen LSMR66PGA 4/16/21 7.0.5
Winbond W25M02GVZEIG 8th Gen FVE4ASM08MLPA 4/1/21 7.0.5
Winbond W25Q16FWSNAQ-TR 8th Gen FVE4ASMR08SJCA 3/2/21 7.0.5
Winbond W25Q32JVSNAM-TRAY 8th Gen FVE4ASMR08SJAB 2/12/21 7.0.5
Winbond W25Q64NEXGIG 9th Gen, 8th Gen, 7th Gen FVE4ASMC08DNA 2/10/21 7.0.5
Winbond W25Q80EWSNIG 8th Gen FVE4ASMR08SJAB 4/9/21 7.0.5
Winbond W29N04GZBIBF 9th Gen FVE4ASMC63BGPE 5/13/21 7.0.5
Winbond XM25QH128AHIG 9th Gen FVE4ASM08SHLA 5/6/21 7.0.5

Total: 117

BPWin 7.0.5 Release Notes

BPWin Highlights

  • Releasing improvements to the new 3928 autohandler system.
  • Improved the user interaction with the Teach Dialog so that it can be navigated with the arrow keys immediately after opening.
  • Improved Pick and Place default settings for WhisperTeach systems.

Other Updates

  • The “identify” feature in systems that have the Ethernet downward camera (i.e. 4910, 3910, etc.) now shows the camera view on-screen.
  • A problem with the API call to set the Checksum Method where a good parameter value was reported as invalid was fixed.
  • Expanded error codes in BPWin help documentation to assist error troubleshooting. Access the information via the “BPWin Help…” (F1). See “Result Code Table” under Troubleshooting BPWin Programmer Errors.
  • Improved the availability of the “Enable 3D Vision Inspection” checkbox in the Workflow Configuration to correctly obey permissions in both default operator/supervisor and WABS security models.
  • Fixed the initialization error only observed on 3X systems with a legacy 1040 Galil controller.
  • Resolved an issue where the Empty Socket Test (EST) was resulting in false failures using select algorithms.
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7.0.4 Release Notes

7.0.4 Release Notes


  • Added a Z self-test motion diagnostic for 4x systems equipped with a Z encoder. This includes some 4900 and all 4910 autohandler systems. This diagnostic executes a sequence of tests to find possible failures and provides recommended actions. Access the Z self-test in the BPWin Motion Diagnostics accessible through the Autohandler menu: Autohandler->Pick-and-Place->Diagnostics. For example, here is a screenshot of the Motion Diagnostics Report where the Z-axis encoder is not connected to the headboard:

  • Improved use of the theta encoder during axis motion to correct failed attempts to arrive at the commanded destination. Added useful debugging log information to help operators pinpoint any hardware faults. In the case of consistent theta failures, the theta speed will decrease incrementally to keep the machine running. This enables operators to finish the current job and address any hardware failures afterward.

Other Updates

  • Added logging information to include the list of selected operations when loading Job Master (.bp) and Automated Job Master (.abp) files.
  • Upgraded the onboard 64GB eMMC memory sticks used in 8th Generation programmers. Customers with 8th Generation programmers that have memory sticks of 32GB can upgrade to this 64GB memory stick. Contact customer support for details. This is part of BPM’s commitment to supporting legacy programmer models in the field.
  • Implemented registry key for administrators to control access to the maximum laser power limit configuration. For further information contact Customer Service.
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7.0.3 Release Notes


  • Corrected device placement orientation when automatically removing devices from sockets after sites are taught in sequence. This only occurred when teaching with the options “Full Teach Primary / Fast Teach Secondary”, “Full Teach Every Socket”, or “Fast Validate and Adjust”. This behavior was only present in autohandler systems that use the CyberOptics alignment sensor.
  • Resolved errors when running BPWin in APS simulation mode.
  • Corrected an undesired change in behavior when teaching automated programmer sites in sequence. The correct behavior is to iterate through them in numerical order. Behavior had changed in BPWin 7.0.1 such that the master site was taught first and then the remaining.
  • Improved debugging information given to the operator if:
    • The Z encoder test fails during APS initialization.
    • The SD cards present in the programmer site mismatch expected serial numbers.
  • Resolved a problem where a JobMaster file could not be saved when Custom37 Bad Block Management scheme was selected.

Device Support Update

Device Name Programmer Criticality Changes Made & Reasons Socket Module
Macronix MX66U51235FXDI-10G 2800/3800/3800-MK2/4800 Critical The algorithm has been updated to resolve reading and verifying issues. FVE4ASM24BGB, FVE4ASMC24BGJ
Atmel ATSAMD20J18A-AU 2610/3610/4610 Recommended Algorithm has been updated to support all non-reserved bits in the user row. ASMR64TQFP

7.0.2 Release Notes


  • Improved the BPWin API to provide users the option to allow BPWin to show message boxes that require operator intervention. By default, the API is aimed to run BPWin unassisted, but this new feature helps users who plan to interact with it in order to resolve arising issues during operation. This feature can be enabled via registry key “ForceToPopupMessageUsingAPI” in the path “BP Microsystems\BPWin\Configuration”.
  • Improved RPI format data parser to support listing optional configurations with no right value assignment. RPI is a format specific to Renesas devices.
  • Improved software by allowing users to customize the maximum runout threshold for Autohandler Systems. This customization can be done via the registry keys “UpperRunoutRange_mils” and “LowerRunoutRange_mils” in the path “BP Microsystems\BPWin\AutoHandler\Components\Pnp\NozzleRunout”.
  • Updated continuity check to improve performance with low voltage devices on all site generations.

Other Updates

  • Fixed an issue on the 3X autohandlers where the laser diagnostics dialog would allow the laser door, elevator, and nozzles to move while the door was open.
  • Fixed an issue happening after placing a device that sticks to the tip of the nozzle for a few milliseconds. In that event, the device was being grabbed again during upward motion due to incorrectly turning the vacuum on too soon. This issue was only affecting 3X autohandler systems with the LNC-120 Cyber Camera.

7.0.1 Release Notes

BPWin Highlights

  • The CyberOptics LNC120 camera was made more robust to recover from Ethernet communication failures and temporary power loss.
  • Improved the stepper motor control on 9th Gen sites to extend motor life and to balance pressure plate actuation.
  • Implemented better error detection in the vacuum system on 4000 Series and 3000 Series APS with on-the-fly vision alignment.

Device Programming Enhancements

  • BERT values can now be changed during successive jobs for raw NAND programming on 9th Gen sites. The BERT setting allows the user to determine how many bit errors per page are acceptable for your job.
  • Added a feature to the Motorola MHX format to save the ranges containing data. Certain devices require this feature to program the default buffer value.
  • Software identifies the correct site number when a 9th Gen site fails memory card initialization.

Other Updates

  • Resolved intermittent BPWin crash when launching Windows 10.
  • Corrected placement at the reject location when there are alignment failures in the 4000 series APS.
  • Improved error messaging to warn an operator when they have the wrong socket cards installed.
  • Eliminated false errors logged in the Blackbox log file.