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BPWin Highlights

In the latest BPWin release, we’ve implemented a new feature that allows our users to retry all device operation failures, which improves the job yield. Other highlights include:

  • Improving our debugging tools to allow us to resolve most issues faster.
  • Improving 8th and 9th generation site initialization upon BPWin startup by reducing firmware download average time by 28%.

BPM 3000/4000 Series Autohandler

  • Resolved error handling when an automated programmer stops moving after a placement failure on the 3800MK2 and 3900 model autohandlers.
  • Improved the pick retry feature that allows the handler to compensate for tray irregularities or similar events when the initial pick attempt fails.
  • Resolved a random issue where site stepper motors do not fully cycle on 9th Gen automated programming sites.
  • Added a message to the operator indicating it is necessary to close the safety door interlock when trying to execute the open/close socket feature.
  • Updated the process instructions when fast validating multiple sites. Removed message to “remove device” when not applicable.
  • Improved the description of the socket disable feature in the programmer settings so that socket failures are distinguished from site failures.
  • Updated the Z encoder error message with additional instructions and troubleshooting information.

Device Programming Enhancements

  • Enhanced reporting so that the BPWin Job Summary Report now lists a count of all device operation failure types that have occurred for each socket.
  • Enabled 9th Gen firmware to categorize and log fatal errors in the blackbox file.
  • Resolved an issue where BPWin was invoking serialization at the wrong time for pre-broadcast algorithms.
  • Fixed a problem to allow BPWinLauncher to launch the correct version of BPWin if the .bp file was created in BPWin v6.2.10 or later.
  • Updated replacement socket information published on our website so that only sockets installed with receptacles are identified as the “replacement socket.”
  • Improved the job summary report to properly identify the last serial number used in a serialization job.
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