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FX2ASMR144QFPE Socket Module


Socket Module for 144 Pin QFPE

B=20X20 T=22X22 P=0.50

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Socket Cards that are out of stock are built to order. This socket card ships 10 working days after the order is confirmed due to supply chain constraints (contact BPM for specifics)

Device Support Summary For “Atmel ATSAME70Q21A-AN (Custom)”

Generated by: BPWin V7.0.8 DeviceSupportUpdate.81 (6/22/2022)
Device Parameters

Manufacturer: Atmel
Part Number: ATSAME70Q21A-AN (Custom)
16-bit words: 524288
Memory Regions: 0h-7 FFFFh
Vcc(program): 3.3
Electrical Erase: Yes
Secure: Read and Program
Set programming: Yes
Packages: QFP(144)

IMPORTANTThis custom algorithm uses the FFPI programming method, which will only program 1024Kbyte of the device.

Device Type: SAM E70 Series Flash Microcontroller.
Device Size: 2048KByte
Algorithm Programming method: Fast Flash Programming Interface(FFPI).

Memory Organization:

Memory Type Attributes(*) Included in default
Range (Y/N)
DUT Physical Byte Address(hex)
(if this area is selected/Activated)
BPWin Buffer Byte Address(hex)
Main Flash Area R/W/E Yes 40_0000h – 4F_FFFFh 00_0000h – 0F_FFFFh

* R:Read only, W:One time programmable (OTP), R/W:readable and one time programmable (OTP), R/W/E:readable and rewritable if not locked. Any configurations listed under “Device-Specific” in the menu item Device-> Settings will be written to the DUT during “Program” operation regardless of memory range selection.
Special Device Considerations:

1. GP NVM Bit 0 and the SSE secure command can be programmed by enabling “Secure(SSE Command) operation”. Once Secured, only an erase operation can unsecure the part.
2. Lock bits can be set under Device–>Setting

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
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