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In the year that will be forever remembered for a global pandemic and world-wide business shut-downs, BPM enjoyed a 300% year-over-year installation growth for automated programming systems.  “2020 was an exceptional year in many respects”, says William White, Founder, and CEO at BPM Microsystems. “I am really proud of the way our team delivers the solutions our customers need while operating under the constraints of the pandemic. Uncertainty in the first half of the year was followed by strength from multiple sectors. Ending the year with increasing revenue and profitability is a testament to the resilience of our customers and our team. Business cycles come and go, but we remain positive about the future, and are positioned to have a strong 2021.” BPM ended 2020 with an overall sales growth of 23% compared to 2019.

Automated Programmers Driving Installation Growth

BPM attributes much of the growth to two major product launches in late 2019. The 3901 Automated Programmer is touted as a low-cost, full-featured small footprint APS; it comes standard with 2-sites/8 sockets for under $90K in most markets. The 3928 Automated Programming System is rated at 1,432 Devices per hour with up to 28 sockets– 75% more capacity than the 3901. It is the only mid-sized automated programmer in the world that is fully-configurable with all peripherals, including automotive-level 3D Inspection


Both the 3901 and 3928 feature WhisperTeach, the patented, award-winning automated Z-Teach process that delivers faster set-ups, better accuracy, and repeatable high-quality programming, critical for modern devices. BPM’s nearest competitor does not offer auto Z-Teach in their comparable platform.

Manual Programmer Revenue Growth

BPM also experienced 269% year-over-year sales growth in Manual Programmer revenue. Penny Santhanam, Director of Customer Care, says, “It’s exciting to see the growth in our Manual Programmers. Our team built great relationships with several Defense suppliers and OEMs and won a majority of deals we quoted.” A major contributor to almost tripling manual programmer sales was the launch of the Silicon Sculptor 4, sold exclusively by Microsemi. The SS4 is based on BPM’s 9th Gen site technology, providing a boost in programming speeds while maintaining the critical quality of some of the world’s most valuable (and challenging) mission-critical programmable devices. BPM is Microsemi’s exclusive designer and manufacturer for the Silicon Sculptor series and has been for more than 20 years.

BPM’s proven 9th Generation Programming Technology delivers the fastest and most universal programming solution on the market. BPM’s global service and support network serve the demanding requirements of mission-critical installations across six continents.

The Software and Device Support teams are growing to meet increasing demands, with the Device Support team doubling in size from this time last year. Jon Bondurant, Chief Operations Officer, says, “We were cautiously optimistic in early 2020, but things really picked up when COVID-related projects started coming in– digital thermometers and other medical devices. By year-end, pent-up global demand is keeping us pretty busy.”

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BPM Microsystems started in 1985 out of a dorm room at Rice University. 36 years later, they have installed more fine-pitch programmers than all other companies worldwide combined. They design and manufacture all of their products in their ISO 9001 manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. To find out how bringing device programming in-house improves quality, reduces time to market, and cuts cost, call +1 713.263.3776 or Toll-Free in the US or Canada at (855) SELL BPM.

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