New Sales Partners

New Sales Partners

BPM Microsystems is excited to announce several new sales teams in the US and Canada. These sales organizations are uniquely positioned with both the technical expertise and marketplace understanding to partner with BPM to grow Automated Programming Systems sales. David Roy, BPM Regional Sales Manager for the US and Canada, is looking forward to working with these outstanding organizations. “We’ve been looking for the right mix of expertise and drive… we were looking for “hunters” who know their territories and can bring in opportunities,” said Roy.

Among the teams are:

  • Brock Electronics | Canada. Founded in 1967, Brock Electronics is a supplier of premium equipment, consumables, software & engineering services, to the electronics and general manufacturing industries.
  • Electri-Rep, Inc. | Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Founded in 1975 is a second generation company representing the best in class manufacturers and technology. With a combined selling experience of over 60 years, our line card includes equipment and supplies for the electronics industry. This includes SMT Printers, Pick and Place, Reflow Oven, AOI, Test Equipment, Wave Solder, Selective Solder, Solder Irons, Benches, Solder, Solder Paste, Circuit Board Protection, Selective Coating Machines, ESD Products, Aqueous Cleaners, and Chemicals.
  • Murray Percival Company | Midwest US. Founded in1960,  the Murray A. Percival Company was approached by the Electrovert Corporation, a company they still represent today, to sell their printed circuit board wave soldering equipment. At that time, the use of PCBs was still relatively rare, and the foresight to enter this business was not without risk: the industry had yet to emerge. Today, of course, circuit boards are crucial components of our everyday life, used in automobiles, medical equipment, military equipment, avionics, communications, computers, appliances, and entertainment products. Electronics are ubiquitous, increasingly mobile and growing every day. 58 years ago, Murray Percival was a pioneer servicing an emerging industry, one that has become a key component in the worldwide market of today’s manufactured goods. The Murray Percival Company is now a leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry and offers literally thousands of products… many of which can be purchased simply and directly from their website.
  • Spectra Sales Corporation | Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Quality lines represented include Automated Point Soldering Systems, Robotic Systems, Selective Soldering Systems, Automated Wire Cutting Stripping, and Terminating Equipment, Benchtop & Stand-alone X-Ray Systems, Automated Optical Inspection equipment, Precision High-Resolution 2D and 3D / CT X-Ray inspection, Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation Systems, and SMT placement machines & Printers
  • Technical Marketing Company | Colorado, Utah, Montana. Providing solutions to Assembly Manufacturing for over 20 years, the Technical Marketing Company represents only the highest quality lines to provide the best equipment and service for their customers, providing coverage to the entire Rocky Mountain Region.
BPM Microsystems launches its new, faster, secure, responsive (and overdue) website

BPM Microsystems launches its new, faster, secure, responsive (and overdue) website

BPM Microsystems makes a giant leap forward with the launch of their new website. Designed with a clean, modern, and responsive framework, boasts faster speeds delivered on a secure network. All of the features their customers and users expect are there and more, including a faster, easier way to interact with device support.

“BPM’s web site is mission critical for our customers,” says William White, Owner/Founder of BPM Microsystems. “We recognize that customers have a choice and so It is my goal to make BPM Microsystems the most convenient and responsive provider in the industry.”

It all starts with a foundation of a fully-managed WordPress host provider utilizing the Google Cloud Platform. The web host is a recognized WordPress host, with “speed-obsessive architecture” to squeeze every possible byte into a lively user experience (on mobile and desktop). The clean icon-based graphics are optimized as well, utilizing web vector files that are, on average, one-tenth the size of standard picture formats, yet are always high resolution regardless of how large they are displayed.

For those who surf on their phones, you’re in for a treat. The entire site has been optimized for the mobile browser, with content specific to the small screen (and blazing fast). Even the navigation is accessible by touch.
BPM has made it easier to get what you need. Simple, intuitive navigation is always available in the header. Device Search and Request are always within reach in the top navigation on the desktop. Not sure where to find something? Check out the robust search capabilities by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top nav.

BPM is also excited to announce the simultaneous launch of BPM Connect, their customer portal. “It’s the customer portal for doing just about anything with BPM— your cases, your device support requests, immediately and 24/7,” says Corey Miles, BPM’s Customer Delivery Director. BPM Connect allows their customers to interact directly with service and device support questions and service cases. They can follow their progress, add comments, request device support, and access intuitive how-to’s on frequently asked questions. “The goal is to have you up and running as fast as possible,” says Miles. BPM Connect is a portal with direct access to BPM’s Salesforce CRM, streamlining communication and giving customers access to their cases. To sign up for BPM Connect, or to see the informative video, go to

BPM Microsystems Innovates with the 3910 Automated Programming System

BPM Microsystems Innovates with the 3910 Automated Programming System

BPM Microsystems announced today their latest Automated Programming Systems (APS) — the 3910. Rated at 1,432 Devices per Hour (DPH), the 3910 is the fastest device programming system in its class and price range. By utilizing on-the-fly vision centering, the engineering team at BPM increased real production performance by roughly 70% compared to the 3900, while maintaining a mid-level price point in the APS market.

“The 3910 delivers the lowest total cost per device by combining high throughput, ease of use, fast setup, high yield and the flexibility to program virtually any device on a single platform. All this is backed up by the most powerful software in the industry and our award-winning customer service team,” said William White, founder and President of BPM Microsystems.

“We have seen a lot of market excitement with the 3910 APS and we have already taken numerous orders,” said Colin Harper, Product Manager on the 3910. “By combining precision on-the-fly component alignment with optimized motion control, the 3910 is able to achieve real throughput previously only produced with the higher-priced systems. With reliable CSP support and high throughput, the new 3910 is truly in a class by itself,” says Harper.

The 3910 offers WhisperTeach™, one of BPM’s award-winning exclusive features. WhisperTeach™ automatically teaches the critical Z-height with 15-micron accuracy for each pick/place location even for very small packages, saving an average of 83% of the time required for job setup and increasing yield.

On-the-fly vision alignment is achieved with CyberOptics™, originally only available on their flagship product, the 4900. With full-time alignment, the new system can maintain maximum speeds without sacrificing precision. The 3910 has up to four 9th Generation high-speed universal programming sites, supporting up to 16 devices programmed simultaneously. Vector Engine with BitBlast, standard on all BPM’s 9th Gen systems, increases the throughput for high-density eMMC devices, compared to other systems. For example, on a 4GB Toshiba device, Vector Engine with BitBlast reduces program/verify time by over 8 minutes per device. In a direct comparison with one of BPM’s major competitors, that same device finished over 300 seconds faster on the 9th Gen programmer.

BPM will continue to offer the 3900 as a less expensive alternative for customers who don’t require the increased throughput.

See More on the 3910

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BPM Microsystems Generates 62% Sales Growth in 2018

BPM Microsystems Generates 62% Sales Growth in 2018

HOUSTON, TX–July 9, 2018— BPM Microsystems finished the first half of 2018 with 62% year-over-year sales growth for automated programming systems.  “After 33 years in business, we are still setting records across every aspect of our business,” said William White, President and CEO at BPM Microsystems. “Customers are responding positively to our best-in-class flexibility, reliability, capability, ease of use and support. It’s always a great feeling when you’re setting records. Our focus on trouble-free operation, customer productivity and total cost of ownership is really paying off.”

2018 Service Excellence Award

BPM kicked the year off with two prestigious awards. WhisperTeach™ won the 2018 NPI award for production software. This feature improves accuracy, productivity and prevents cracking of fragile CSP devices.  BPM was also awarded the coveted Service Excellence Award for Highest Rating Customer Service in Device Programming Equipment.

BPM’s proven 4000 series handlers have more than proven their reliability with hundreds of installations worldwide with many systems still in 24×7 operation after more than 15 years. BPM’s proven 9th Gen programming sites deliver the fastest and most universal programming site technology on the market. BPM’s global service and support network serve the demanding requirements of mission-critical installations across six continents.

WhisperTeach™ and 9th Generation Technology Help Manufacturers Lower Total Cost of Ownership

WhisperTeach™ and 9th Generation Technology Help Manufacturers Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Award-winning WhisperTeach™ and 9th Generation site technology reduce changeover time and protect future investments

HOUSTON, TX-Mar. 26, 2017-Technology is advancing, and BPM Microsystems continues to provide new technology to help automotive and electronics manufacturers succeed. James Holava, Global Sales Director at BPM Microsystems, speaks with Global SMT & Packaging about new technology from BPM Microsystems.

BPM Microsystems 9th Generation site technology, which is backwards compatible with most 6th, 7th and 8th generation sockets, provides true universal support. 9th Gen supports over 34,000 devices, bringing forward support from previous generations. This helps clients leverage many existing sockets and gives clients ease regarding the lifespan of future investments.

With the trend in the industry of higher density and smaller package devices, 9th Gen technology also supports the EMMC devices and the HS400 programming mode at 200 MB per second. This provides the throughput manufacturers need today in modern production. BPM was recently awarded the 2018 NPI Award for a new program called WhisperTeach™. WhisperTeach™ automatically teaches the Z-height of components and removes the opportunity for manual defects. Customers using WhisperTeach™ report a time savings of 25-30 minutes per job.

BPM 9th gen site technology is available on the 4900 and 3900 automated programming systems, as well as the 2900L and 1900 systems. To learn more about BPM ninth generation site technology and programmers, please contact BPM.

BPM Automates Z-Teaching Using AI

BPM Automates Z-Teaching Using AI

HOUSTON, TX-Jan. 29, 2018-Pick and place errors account for the majority of quality issues when programming small devices. Pick and place inaccuracy occurs when the machine is not taught precisely. Teaching the machine manually is nearly impossible for small devices, and for larger devices operator skill and experience are required. Programming centers and manufacturers programming small devices incur added costs for labor, machine idle time, lost devices, damaged devices, escapes and poor yield.

BPM invented WhisperTeach™, patent pending, to help programming centers and manufacturers reduce setup time per job, improve cycle time, reduce changeover time, and improve job accuracy. WhisperTeach™ uses artificial intelligence and an enhanced pneumatic system to learn and determine the accurate z-height between the nozzle and device.

Companies report manual teaching small devices takes up to 30 minutes per station. For programming centers with five changeovers per day, this costs 2.5 hours machine idle time and labor costs. With WhisperTeach™, the operator initiates WhisperTeach™ within the BPWin™ process control software during the normal job setup workflow. WhisperTeach™ completes the task in 4.37 minutes with a standard deviation 0.5mils, resulting in a savings of 2.14 hours per day.

Accurately taught jobs improve yield by eliminating pick or place errors. Companies have reported yields as poor as 80% on very small parts using manual teach depending on operator skill. WhisperTeach™ produces a job yield of 99.99% by eliminating any teach related issues.

WhisperTeach™ supports a wide range of device sizes. WhisperTeach™ is now available on the 3900 and 4900 automated programming systems. Companies can learn more about WhisperTeach™ at the IPC Apex Expo 2018.