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Socket Modules and Socket Cards

Socket modules and socket cards are the electro-mechanical interface between the programmable semiconductor device and the programmer. The robust design is ideal for manufacturing and design environments where high signal integrity and reliable performance are critical.

The sophisticated technology of BPM Microsystems’ active circuitry delivers the cleanest waveform signals to the device by eliminating noise, ground bounce, and overshoot, which allows for the most reliable vector testing available to ensure the highest quality and overall yield.

BPM Microsystems offers a substantial number of socket modules and socket cards to support thousands of devices from over 218 semiconductor manufacturers. New socket module and socket card designs are continuously added and can be developed quickly to meet your programming needs.

Our socket modules and socket cards provide you with the best combination of programming quality and cost of ownership. Unlike our competitors, you can order as many socket solutions as you need– even if it’s only one!  Contact us with regards to your specific needs.

The BPM Socket Advantage(s)

  • Buy what you need—No minimum for manual programmer sockets, and minimum two for an automated programming system
  • Good: Receptacle based sockets can be purchased and replaced (after passing their insertion rating) without the need to use any tools. Why spend extra to replace the whole socket module or Device card?
  • Better: High Insertion Count (HIC) and long life sockets will run hundreds of thousands of insertions without the need to replace components.
  • When you literally can’t send a repair tech— We support devices that are used in high-reliability mission-critical applications (such as aerospace and automotive) which requires the highest quality programming equipment. Microsemi develops chips that cost over $50K each that must meet excruciating standards for durability and longevity. Their programmer solution provider? BPM Microsystems, of course.
  • Demanding– We support many complex devices that use sophisticated protocols and need a large number of pin drivers and a significant amount of power.
  • Parallel Mode–  BPM’s Automated programmer provides 240 high-speed pin drivers that enable us to support devices in parallel mode (faster) compared to serial (slow).
  • Highest Yield at High Speed– Our socket modules use controlled impedance connectors with gold-plated ground blades which deliver the cleanest signals while eliminating ground bounce, ensuring the highest yield even with high-speed devices
  • Vector Engine– Our patented Vector Engine Co-Processor on the 9th Gen programming site helps execute performance-critical portions of a device algorithm in the fastest possible manner. Side-by-side speed tests show the Vector Engine can reduce programming times by up to 700% (average is about 50%)
  • Future-Proof– Many of the devices and socket modules supported in previous generations are already supported on 9th Gen
  • Industry standard protocol support: JTAG, Serial wire debug (SWD), I2C (and SMBUs, PMBUS), SPI, UART, JEDEC, and many other custom protocols
  • Efficient and Flexible DDS– Device Driven Serialization (DDS) is a communication framework that allows the External Serialization Server (ESS) to communicate bi-directionally with a device-specific programming algorithm running as part of the programming application. This allows the ESS to become part of the programming algorithm and extends the functionality of typical serialization techniques and offers high flexibility in supporting sophisticated security devices.
  • Made in the USA– Our in-house manufacturing and assembly (right here in Houston) gives us better control in achieving high-quality products and gives us the flexibly to expedite production to meet customer schedules and special requirements
  • 59K and growing– We supported around 59,000+ devices in all our programmers and we continue to support and release more every day, including chips that only we (currently) can handle

Ensure Clean Signal Quality for High Yield

Just Need One?

Order what you need when you need it

High Insertion Count Sockets

HIC (High Insertion Count) sockets, also known as long-life sockets are designed for customers with high volume production requirements who aim for maximum programming yields. These sockets are rated from 200,000 to 300,000 insertions and support multiple package types. In addition, pogo pins can be replaced to extend the life of the socket. Ultimately, our HIC sockets ensure productivity, long-term reliability, and very low operating cost per insertion.

Compatible Programming Models:
1900, 2900, 2900L, 3901, 3910, 3928, 4900, 4910
2800, 2800F, 2800F-MK2, 3000FS-MK2, 3800, 3800-MK2, 4800
1710, 2710, 3710-MK2, 4710
1610, 2610, 3610, 4610

Socket Cards

Socket cards offer the shortest return on investment on a cost-per-device basis. The unique design of individual socket cards and receptacle-base socket option further reduce the programming cost per device. Socket cards support high-density NAND Flash, NOR Flash, Serial Flash, MCU’s, E/EPROM and more.

Compatible Programming Models:
1900, 2900, 2900L, 3901, 3910, 3928, 4900, 4910
2800, 2800F, 2800F-MK2, 3000FS-MK2, 3800, 3800-MK2, 4800

Replacement Socket Daughter Cards

Get the most out of your socket module with our individual replacement socket daughter cards. Unlike our competitors’ “gang” cards that are soldered to a common PCB, our customers can optimize the number of socket daughter cards needed and replace them individually without dramatically affecting programming capacity. This fault-tolerant design increases manufacturing up-time and saves replacement costs by as much as 75 percent.

Compatible Programming Models:
1900, 2900, 2900L, 3901, 3910, 3928, 4900, 4910
1710, 2710, 3710-MK2, 4710
1610, 2610, 3610, 4610

Receptacle-Base Socket Modules & Socket Cards

Our receptacle-base socket modules and socket cards include a receptacle interface between the printed circuit board and the socket. This allows our customers to replace only the individual consumable socket once it reaches its useful life. This has proven to extend the life of the socket module and socket card, producing higher yields and lowering programming cost per device.

Compatible Programming Models:
1900, 2900, 2900L, 3901, 3910, 3928, 4900, 4910
2800, 2800F, 2800F-MK2, 3000FS-MK2, 3800, 3800-MK2, 4800
1710, 2710, 3710-MK2, 4710
1610, 2610, 3610, 4610

Legacy Socket Modules and Cards

We continue to provide sockets for our legacy equipment. Call our inside sales team for more information: +1 (832) 617-5702

Add support to the software for the following devices for only $500

Socket modules available for 7th, 8th, and 9th Generation Programmers– just provide us with a sample to allow in-house testing. Save time and Money!

Manufacturer Device Name Socket Modules 49XX 39XX 2900 4800 3800 2800 2800F 4700 3700 2700 1700 Support/ Software
Atmel  AT24CM01-SSHM FVE4ASMR08SJAB FVE4ASMR08SJCA                       $500.00
Atmel  AT45DQ321-MHF2B FX4ASMR08MLFG FX4SMR08MLF FASMR08MLFG FSMR08MLFG                       $500.00
Atmel  AT45DQ321-MWHF2B FASMR08CSON FSMR08CSON FASM08CSON FSM08CSON                       $500.00
ISSI IS25LP080D-JBLE/A3 FVE4ASM08SHLA FVE4ASMR08SHLA FVE4ASM08SHA FVE4ASMR08SHA                       $500.00
ISSI IS25LP080D-JKLE/A3 FVE4ASM08LAPG FVE4ASMR08LAPG                       $500.00
Macronix  MX25L1606EZUI-12G FVE4ASMC08DNA                       $500.00
Micron  MTFC4GACAECN-1M WT FVE4ASM153FBGE FVE4ASMC153BGJ FVE4ASMC153FBGEA FVE4ASMC169FBGH                       $500.00
NXP LPC1111FHN33/101 FVE4ASML33QFNT                       $500.00
NXP LPC1111FHN33/103 FVE4ASML33QFNT                       $500.00
ON Semiconductor  C24C16XI-T2 FVE4ASM08SHA FVE4ASM08SHLA FVE4ASMR08SHA FVE4ASMR08SHLA                       $500.00
Samsung KLM4G1FETE-B041 FVE4ASMC153BGC FVE4ASMC153BGR                       $500.00
Samsung KLM4G1FETE-B041 (with DDR) FVE4ASMC153BGR                       $500.00
Spansion  S29GL064N90TFI023 FVE4ASM56TC FVE4ASMR56TC FVE4ASMR56TCK                       $500.00
Spansion  S29JL032J70BFI420 FX4ASMC48FVBGB                       $500.00
Texas Instruments  MSP430FR5969IRGZR FVE4ASMR48QNP                       $500.00
Discontinued *

*We no longer sell discontinued socket modules. However, for those who already have those modules, you can place a PO for the algorithm device support development

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