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BPM Microsystems Announces a Small Footprint/High Throughput Automated Programmer with 75% More Capacity

BPM Microsystems Announces a Small Footprint/High Throughput Automated Programmer with 75% More Capacity

Reduces Cost of Programming for 30- to 90-Second Programming Time MCUs and Flash Devices

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BPM Microsystems, Inc. today announced it will be demonstrating a mid-sized Automated Programming System (APS) with a 75% increased capacity at Productronica in Munich, Germany— the 3928. Rated at 1,432 Devices per Hour (DPH) and 28 sockets, the 3928 delivers high-volume automotive-level quality and reliability in a small footprint. With 75% greater capacity, vision centering, 9th Gen programming sites, WLSCSP and eMMC support and a base price that starts under $110,000, the 3928 is positioned to outperform higher-priced systems. BPM chose to include standard high-end features such as WLCSP support, universal sites that support eMMC programming, self-teaching, Vector Engine, process integration API and CE Mark. The 3928 supports even complex processes requiring 3D inspection, encryption, serialization, and laser marking.

“By focusing on making our customers highly successful in competitive industries, the engineering team has delivered 75% increased capacity in the same footprint at a lower cost,” says William White, founder and President of BPM Microsystems. “By coupling the 3928’s high throughput with high socket count, the 3928 maintains extremely low cost-per-device for a wide variety of complex MCUs and Flash memories requiring up to 90 seconds to program. The 3928 delivers the best value currently available in device programming.”

“Our customers need the capability and flexibility to program everything from simple MCUs to large eMMC devices on a single machine,” says Colin Harper, Product Manager at BPM. “The 3928 provides a lot of capacity and is highly configurable, including 3D inspection, previously only available with more expensive, large footprint machines.”

The 3928 is easy to set up and use primarily due to WhisperTeach, one of BPM’s award-winning exclusive software features. WhisperTeach™ automatically teaches the critical Z-height with 15-micron accuracy for each pick/place location even for very small packages and saves an average of 83% of the time required for the job setup while increasing yield.

Advanced 3D inspection is available for high-speed device inspection required for automotive/aerospace applications. Peripherals and sites are more configurable than previously possible due in part to advances in 3D printing. On-the-fly vision alignment is achieved with CyberOptics®, maintaining consistent speeds without sacrificing precision. 9th Gen Technology supports over 37,000 devices, over three times more than BPM’s closest competitor.

“For customers with 30- to 90-second programming times, the lower prices combined with increased capacity can cut their total cost of ownership in half compared to previous solutions,” White says.

BPM manufactures its systems in the ISO 9001:2015 certified plant located in Houston, Texas, and carries the CE Mark.

BPM also offers the 3901 for customers who are looking for a sub-$90,000 automated system. If you’re at Productronica, visit Hall A1-353 November 12 through 15, 2019 to see a live 3928 demo. For more information on the 3928, go to bpmmicro.com/3928-7-site-aps/.

BPM Unveils the 3901 APS

BPM Unveils the 3901 APS

Armando Garcia, BPM’s former Americas Account Manager, unveils the 3901 at the SMTA Guadalajara Show

BPM Microsystems launched its latest Automated Programming System (APS) on October 23, 2019, at the SMTA Guadalajara Show— the 3901. Rated at 1,088 Devices per Hour (DPH), the 3901 delivers the lowest cost of ownership in its class. Unlike other low-cost systems, the 3901 has vision centering to accurately align CSP devices, a full range of peripherals and up to 16 universal sockets to program the widest range of MCUs, Flash, eMMC, and EEPROMS at near theoretical speeds.

BPM is partnering with Interlatin as part of their booth. If you’re at the show, come by Booth 509 and check out the 3901 (and say hi to Armando).

“The 3901 offers features and performance not previously available in an entry-level APS,” says Colin Harper, Product Manager at BPM. “We expect the system will be a great solution for customers that require an APS with low cost of ownership and the ability to add capabilities as their needs change.”

SMTA Guadalajara 2019

BPM Microsystems Launches “Customer Care” Department with New Leadership

BPM Microsystems Launches “Customer Care” Department with New Leadership

BPM Microsystems Launches “Customer Care” Department with New Leadership

BPM Microsystems, the global leader in automated programming systems, announces the creation of the Customer Care Department, combining Sales Operations (Inside Sales), Technical Support, Field Services, and Customer Service. “The more we looked at the different departments, the more it made sense,” says Penny Santhanam, Director of Customer Care. “Customer Care connects our customers to what they need; this can be a simple socket solution or a customer issue.” 


The Vision Statement for Customer Care is:

“We cannot promise that hardware won’t break, that software won’t fail, or that we will always be perfect. What we can promise is that if something goes wrong, we will listen, take action, and go the extra mile every day to amaze you.”

Penny Santhanam joined the leadership team at BPM Microsystems in 2017 as the Employee Relations and Development Director. As the Customer Care Director, she leads the team in developing synergy throughout the customer experience, including all quotations, order management and resolution of customer issues for any related Issue, technical support, field services or sales-related questions. 

 Penny Santhanam is a proven and successful leader with over 20 years of distinguished experience in Business Development, Corporate Talent Acquisition, and Employee Engagement, in addition to a broad range of experience across several industries, from Corporate Retail, Automotive Engineering and Healthcare. She is an innovative and operations-focused business leader with the ability to translate vision into actions that improve performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement. Since taking leadership of Sales Operations earlier this year, BPM has experienced records in productivity and profitability, while growing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) above 95% (up from 62%) in just 5 months. NPS measures a customer’s overall brand perception and is an excellent predictor of growth.

Penny is the proud mom of three young men, two of whom currently attend Texas A&M University. Her eldest is a senior in Industrial Distribution Engineering and interned at BPM this summer in Device Support. 

BPM Microsystems Launches BPWin for Windows 10

BPM Microsystems Launches BPWin for Windows 10

Many of you have asked for Windows 10 support for BPWin– We’re pleased to announce that BPWin Windows 10 Compatible version went live Sept. 9, 2019, with the launch of version 7.0.0. BPWin is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64-Bit operating system; users can now take advantage of the newest Windows operating system with greater speed, security, and access to the latest OS updates (Microsoft announced it will cease support for legacy OS– see full info from Microsoft here). Important: you’ll need a current Software Support Contract for all APS and 2XXX Manual Programmers. Contact Inside Sales for contract support.

Download Latest Software | Latest Release Notes

Please contact Inside Sales to determine if you need additional hardware for your Automated Programming System, including:

  • FPCAUTO06 host computer
  • Galil 4040 Motion Controller
  • CO2 Laser – Prolase 10 Dongle
  • Valid Software Support Contract
  • ScannerTech 3D Inspection – updated Host Controller Card

For Manual programmers we recommend the following minimum Host Computer specification:

  • Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, 2.0GHz and faster
  • USB 2.0 port
  • System RAM that is at least 2GB of available memory
  • 500 MB of available hard-disk space (SSD recommended)
  • 1366 × 768 or higher resolution monitor
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

You’ll also need a valid Software Support Contract to run version 7.0.0 (unless you have a legacy programmer with lifetime software).

BPM Microsystems Announces 15% Tariff Relief for BPM Products

BPM Microsystems Announces 15% Tariff Relief for BPM Products

To: All Our Valued Channel Partners in China
From: Global Sales Consultant, Don McMahan
Re: Immediate Tariff Relief Program

From my recent tour of our Asian markets, it became very clear that the US/China Trade War is affecting all of you (and BPM). While we cannot solve it ourselves we can help you with an immediate Tariff Relief Program of 15% off your regular distribution pricing for all opportunities in China, as well as any special pricing approvals we offer for all your affected purchases.

This program will be in place through March of 2020 to continue to assist all of you in competing in this tough market. Thank you for your continued support and efforts on behalf of BPM Microsystems.

Thank you for your continued support and efforts on behalf of BPM Microsystems.

Don F. McMahan
Global Sales Consultant
BPM Microsystems
15000 Northwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77040