BPM Microsystems Named Best in Customer Service

BPM Microsystems Named Best in Customer Service

2018 Service Excellence Award Presented at IPC APEX EXPO

HOUSTON, TX-Mar. 29, 2018-BPM Microsystems, a leading global provider of IC device programming solutions, announces that is has been awarded the 2018 Service Excellence in the category of Device Programming. The award was presented to the company during a Tuesday, February 27, 2018 ceremony that took place at IPC APEX Expo in San Diego.

“We are extremely humbled and proud to be awarded the 2018 Service Excellence Award,” said Corey Miles, Customer Delivery Director at BPM Microsystems. “I want to thank our customers who voted to award us with this honor. The feedback from the Service Excellence survey has helped us improve multiple customer-facing processes, and the Customer Service team loves hearing how they are performing. Customer feedback adds a very personal touch to our path forward to world class customer service.”

The annual Service Excellence Awards recognize companies that received the highest customer service ratings, as judged by their own customers. Customers of participating companies rated each company in five service categories including dependability, quality, responsiveness, technology and value for price. Companies were rated on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being poor and 7 being best in class. BPM Microsystems ranked first place across device programming equipment providers.

BPM Adopts Agile and Says Goodbye to Traditional Release Schedule Process

BPM Adopts Agile and Says Goodbye to Traditional Release Schedule Process

HOUSTON, TX—Nov. 3, 2017–BPM Microsystems adopted an Agile software development practice. What is Agile? Agile refers to a software development methodology based on empowering teams, who collaborate with customers, to rapidly deliver working software to customers. Continuous attention to technical excellence and quality improve the agility of a team.

Agile software development originates from the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001 by a group of seventeen leading figures in the software industry. It reflects their experiences of what principles and approaches deliver the greatest success in software development.

By rapidly delivering working software to customers, BPM is able to deliver valuable features and functionality to customers that achieve business values. Agile allows BPM to build projects around customer priorities and quickly adapt to new and changing priorities.

BPM customers benefit from Agile in many ways. Customer engagement and satisfaction are core to Agile. Improved visibility and customer feedback ensures BPM brings the most valuable products and features to market faster and with more predictability and reduced risk. With Agile, BPM is able to release weekly to every two weeks, instead of 6 to 8 times a year. The frequent release schedule gets valuable changes into customer hands faster.

Since adopting agile in 2017, BPM has seen quality improvements, team spirit is higher than ever, and functionality is being delivered steadily every sprint.

BPM Microsystems Hits 100% on Net Promoter Score®

HOUSTON, TX — Oct. 2, 2017 — BPM Microsystems today announced achieving 100% on Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®. Net Promoter Score measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This proven metric provides the primary measurement for customer loyalty in the business world today.

BPM Microsystems implemented Net Promoter Score on June 1, 2016, to drive improvements in business performance. The company monitors this score weekly. BPM Microsystems surveys each customer after closing a support case. The survey results allow BPM Microsystems to take corrective action or reinforce processes working well.

“We needed a consistent process to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty,” stated Corey Miles, Director of Customer Service at BPM Microsystems. “The feedback from the NPS survey has helped us improve multiple customer-facing processes, and the Customer Service team loves hearing how they are performing. Customer feedback adds a very personal touch to our path forward to world class customer service.”

The company surveys customers to understand “How likely is it that you would recommend BPM Microsystems to a friend or colleague?” Customers respond on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is “very unlikely” and 10 is “extremely likely”. Respondent scores are grouped into Promoters (9-10), Passives (7-8) and Detractors (0-6). Subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters yields the Net Promoter Score.

“Using NPS gives us a quantitative measure of the overall customer perception of the BPM Microsystems brand”, says Corey Miles. “BPM Microsystems values its customers, and NPS helps us get immediate customer feedback that lets us know when we are hitting the mark or not. This isn’t a ‘one and done’ score. Creating loyal customers is something we focus on every day.”

BPM Microsystems Teams with InterLatin in Mexico

HOUSTON, TX–May 10, 2017– BPM Microsystems announces a new representation agreement with InterLatin of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The agreement puts in place an extensive network of highly qualified sales and service engineers throughout Mexico. With offices in more than ten cities, InterLatin has a strategic footprint to provide local support to electronics manufacturing facilities across the region. InterLatin has a well-established reputation for providing first in class support to the electronics manufacturing industry in Mexico. The agreement also establishes a local spare parts warehouse with the logistics support to provide customers with fast shipment of the spare parts they need to maintain their production operations.

“The InterLatin partnership is a key part of our strategy to provide customers with unparalleled support,” remarked Armando Garcia, International Sales Manager of BPM Microsystems. “Our current customers will see immediate benefits as a result of this new partnership with InterLatin. With local support and regional spare parts, our service response time will be the measure of our success. We are excited to have a partner like InterLatin that truly understands great service is the key to future sales. We are mutually focused on the goal of providing the best service in the industry.”

As part of the new partnership, plans are in place for a new demo facility in Mexico where customers can see the latest BPM Microsystems products. The new demo facility will provide customers the opportunity to see real world demonstrations of both manual and automated programming systems. Local training classes will also be planned to provide customers with the opportunity to train their operators and technicians outside of the production environment.