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BPWin API (Application Programming Interface)

Customize Your Operations with Application Programming Interface (API) Factory Integration

BPWIN Application Programming InterfaceThe key to unlocking the full potential of your device programming operations lies in your ability to gain a timely understanding of what is actually happening on your shop floor. You must then be able to share that information with other important decision-makers and take action that improves both your production performance and your bottom line. BPWin’s API gives you that power.

Production Programming Advantages

BPWin software runs all BPM Microsystems programming equipment, from your manual equipment to the fully automated versions. Now this programming equipment, with the activation of BPWin API, has the capability to interface with your enterprise software in a maintainable and standard interface. BPWin API allows users to solve complex process problems during the programming cycle, not addressed in the standard BPWin software. Designed specifically for BPM customers, the API automation object model gives you the ability to utilize any programming language for interface to BPWin software. BPWin API is a breakthrough in programming equipment connectivity, that digitizes the information being generated throughout your device programming operations, and makes it available where, when, and how you need it.

Extending BPWin to the Maximum

  • Language independent API (Labview, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, VB6, VB.net, or any language supporting COM) is flexible with your employee’s skillset
  • The ability to interface with any networked enterprise-specific database (SAP, Oracle, SQL, Excel, etc.) gives you maximum options on current and future database architecture
  • Useful for control automation, verification, auditing, and logging functions of BPWin used for statistical process control and quality process improvement
  • Fully integrated, stable, and supported with new releases of BPWin software
  • Two modules consisting of a Control API and a Monitoring API

Control API Module

  • Control API ModuleControl API (CJobControl Object) allows the external programs to control JobMaster related functions in BPWin software
  • Configure the programming cycle with commands such as load the data pattern file, select the device, set device options, etc
  • Start or stop the programming cycle
  • Barcode data matches database?
  • Mass updating of JobMaster files for global process changes
  • Integration of parts tray or parts reel barcode verification

Monitoring API Module

  • Monitor API RemotelyMonitor API Module (CJobMonitor Object) allows for programmer site status to be exported in real-time for monitoring through verification, auditing, and logging of data from within BPWin software


  • Real-time remote monitoring of performance by an external program
  • Implementation of statistical process control for socket module tooling efficiency
  • Customized programming job summary data recorded by external programs for advanced logging used for auditing
  • View all programmer real-time statistics on one dashboard monitor


  • The current BPWin help menu inside the current BPWin software version has full specifications and extensive sample scripts. Look under the Object Automation Module topic for the full documentation.


  • A licensing fee is required to utilize the API and is based on the total number of programming sites that are enabled. See your BPM Microsystems salesperson or representative for a quotation.


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