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10th Generation Sites Technology from BPM

BPM 10th Generation Universal Programming Solutions

10th Generation site technology offers the broadest support in the industry at unsurpassed programming speeds. 

Six 10th Gen sites provide full universal support for UFS*, eMMC HS400, MCU, NAND & Serial Flash, at incredible speeds with up to 48 devices programmed concurrently.

UFS 2.1

  • Up to 8-up per site, significantly faster than other systems
  • Max 440 Megabytes per second Read
  • Max 201 Megabytes per second Write

Fastest Programming Times

  • 2 to 9 times faster for flash devices
  • Vector engine co-processing supports double data rate, HS400

Socket Design

  • Low-cost design, with receptacle replacement option
  • High-fidelity waveforms ensure very high first-pass yield
  • High-Capacity Sockets (HIC) Available

Mission-Critical Quality

  • Built-in self-test ensures correct waveform generation on all pin drivers
  • Waveform fidelity produces a high-programming yield
  • Support for the most demanding programming applications

Special Features included with 10th Gen 

  • Optional UFS 2.1 for up to 48 devices programmed concurrently in a smaller-footprint automated programmer
  • WhisperTeach™—BPM’s advanced patented Auto-Z teach technology eliminates the need for a highly skilled operator to set critical Z-height for pick-and-place functions. WhisperTeach offers faster setup times and improved yields!  WhisperTeach eliminates common Z-height errors such as missed picks, missed place, and socket continuity flaws.
  • New CyberOptics on-the-fly vision alignment system, available on all our automated systems, maximizes system throughput.
  • Laser Marker produces high-contrast micro marking of Dynamic Alphanumeric text as small as 0.1mm in size and 2D Codes. Fiber provides advanced serialization for Cybersecurity, Traceability, and Quality Control.
  • X-Stream Series Tape Feeders provide faster setup and changeover times to maximize productivity. X-Stream Series intelligently advances the feeder on command, providing precise, accurate handling for even the smallest device package. The controlled tension between the input reel and the feeders supports consistent operation even on the smallest and most challenging packages.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity with BPM.NCRYPT technology offers flexible security solutions for serialization, encryption, key handling, and user control requirements. We offer advanced cybersecurity features such as External Serialization Server, Device-Driven Serializing, and BPWin API monitoring and control capabilities. Our flexible solutions support even the most complex security requirements. From simple to complex serialization with robust file encryption, customers implement secure production programming with process control and traceability. BPM’s Software Engineering team can consult, scope, and propose a complete cybersecurity solution.
  • Socket Receptacle Design reduces consumable socket costs. BPM provides replaceable socket designs wherever possible allowing you to replace just the worn socket, not the entire socket adapter.

*UFS Kit Optional


UFS 2.1: Up to 440 MB/Sec Read, 201 MB/Sec Write