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WhisperTeach™ Fast Set-Up Beats Manual Set-Up in Real-Time

Oct 15, 2020

It’s like watching paint dry after a while, but if you want it, here it is…

WhisperTeach™ is a revolutionary Auto-Z teach technology developed by BPM that offers a fast, accurate, and efficient setup for pick-and-place functions in BPM Automated Programmer. It eliminates the need for a highly-skilled operator to manually set up the critical Z-height, thereby reducing the setup time by at least twice. Furthermore, WhisperTeach™ offers improved yields with three times more accuracy in comparison to the traditional (old-fashioned) method of setting up the machine.

The 29-minute video demonstrates a side-by-side or top-to-bottom comparison of a BPM Automated Programmer being set up using the traditional method and utilizing WhisperTeach™. The purpose of the video is to showcase the efficiency and accuracy of WhisperTeach™ technology in real time.

What is WhisperTeach?

WhisperTeach™— BPM’s advanced patented Auto-Z teach technology eliminates the need for a highly-skilled operator to set critical Z-height for pick-and-place functions. The traditional method of setting up an Automated Programmer often requires a highly skilled operator, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. With BPM’s WhisperTeach™, the setup time is significantly reduced, and the system operates with improved accuracy, reducing the chances of miss picks, miss place, and socket continuity errors.

CSP Challenge

WhisperTeach™ technology also addresses the challenges faced in setting up very small chip scale packages (CSP) like WLCSP, SOT, and DFNs, which have low mass. With the traditional method, there is a possibility of an inaccurate Z teach elevation as the suction from the vacuum causes the part to jump up to the nozzle. WhisperTeach™ eliminates this challenge and ensures a consistent and accurate Z-height, thereby reducing the chances of pick-and-place errors, dropped parts, cracked parts, and continuity errors.

In conclusion, WhisperTeach™ technology offers a fast, accurate, and efficient setup process for BPM Automated Programmer, making it an ideal solution for various industries that require quick and precise pick-and-place functions. The video showcases the effectiveness of this technology in real time, providing clear evidence of its superior performance compared to the traditional method. Learn more here.