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Machine Calibration

Let’s Calibrate!

BPM offers a Calibration service for all active models of programmers. If your organization is ISO900 certified, it may require that all manufacturing equipment be certified each year. With calibration, it keeps the machine compliant with all ISO, military, medical, and/or government requirements. Although our Programmers are self-calibrating, the calibration can be verified to confirm the correct operation.

We recommend that calibration be performed every 12 months. This calibration verification procedure can be performed on-site for Automated Systems or you can ship your manual programmer to BPM for on-site calibration. 

Remember, Calibration services are covered by your Hardware Contract!

Please contact our Customer Care department for a quote, or if there are any questions concerning the calibration process. 

+1 (713) 263-3776 | 24/7 Service: +1 (832) 617-5702

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