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Unlike other security solutions that are expensive, rigid, and one-size-fits-all, BPM offers a range of options based on your particular needs

BPM’s Security Solution for programming, BPM.NCRYPT, can utilize your existing HSM, secure server, or any other networked and offline data sources. BPM Microsystems can also provide a turn-key package that is flexible, scalable, and affordable.

Why trust BPM.NCRYPT?

Security and the encryption of programmable devices to protect intellectual property and the products in which these devices are used has never been more important than it is today. In fact, customers have been trusting BPWin, BPM’s award-winning Process Software, to provide robust, innovative security solutions for over twenty years.

BPM.NCRYPT leverages 36 years of supporting mission-critical devices along with our proven experience developing and releasing sophisticated security and encryption solutions that meet your unique needs. All of our automated machines are enabled to support MES factory integration with BPWin API and include complex security features, at no additional cost. If you are like us, we believe one size or one solution does not fit all. It starts with a conversation– what do you want to accomplish?

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