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FVE4ASMR16SD Socket Card


Socket Card, 16 Pin SOIC
Socket Cards that are out of stock are built to order. This socket card ships 10-12 working days after order is confirmed

Only 1 left in stock

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Socket Card, 16 Pin SOIC
B=7.5X10.3 T=10.4 P=1.27

For the following devices:

Manufacturer Package
Macronix MX66L51285GMR-10G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L6406EMI-12G [Support pending samples] SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L25655FMI-10G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L25655FM-10G SOIC(16)
Spansion S79FL512SDSMFBG00 SOIC(16)
Spansion S79FL512SDSMFBG03 SOIC(16)
Spansion S79FL512SDSMFBG01 SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHI010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHI013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFB011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHB011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFI010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHB010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHI010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFI011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFV011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHV010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHI013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFV010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFB013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHB011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFB013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFV010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHV013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFB010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHI011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFV013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFB010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHV013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHB013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFV011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHB010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFI013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMFI011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHV011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFV013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFI010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFI013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHI011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHV010 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMHV011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SDSMFB011 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FS512SAGMHB013 (Custom A001) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FL064P0XMFI00 SOIC(16)
Micron MT25TL512BBA8ESF-0AAT SOIC(16)
Micron MT25TL512BBA8ESF-0AIT SOIC(16)
Micron MT25TL512BBA8ESF-0SAT SOIC(16)
Micron MT25TL512BBA8ESF-0SIT SOIC(16)
Macronix MX66L25685GMR-10G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L3233FMI-08G SOP(16)
Cypress S98FL512SDSMFBG00 SOIC(16)
Cypress S98FL512SDSMFBG01 SOIC(16)
Cypress S98FL512SDSMFBG03 SOIC(16)
Cypress S79FL256SDSMFVG00 SOIC(16)
Cypress S79FL256SDSMFVG01 SOIC(16)
Cypress S79FL256SDSMFVG03 SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X64VSF-Z SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X32VSF-G SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X32VSF-Z SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X64VSF-G SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X32VSF SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X64VSF SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X64BVSFIG SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X16AVSFI SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X16AVSFIZ SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X32BVSFIG SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X16AVSF-Z SOIC(16)
Winbond W25X16AVSFIG SOIC(16)
Winbond W25Q64FVSFBQ SOIC(16)
Winbond W25Q64FVSFJQ SOIC(16)
Winbond W25Q64FVSFAQ SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3TPB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6PB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3GBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3PBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3TGB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6TPBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3GB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6PBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3TPBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3PB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6GBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6TGBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF3TGBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6TPB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6TGB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6GB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TG/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3G/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3PBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P128-VMF6PB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TG/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3GB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TP/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3PB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6P/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3GBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TGBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TP/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TPB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P128-VMF6TPB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TG/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3P/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TPBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3G/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TGB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6PBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TPBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TGBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6G/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P128-VMF6TGB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TP/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TP/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6GB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3P/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TPB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P128-VMF6GB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6TG/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6G/4 SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6GBA SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6P/4A SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF3TGB SOIC(16)
STMicroelectronics M25P16-VMF6PB SOIC(16)
SST SST25VF064C-80-4C-SCE SOIC(16)
SST SST25VF064C-80-4I-SCE SOIC(16)
SST SST25VF064C-SCE(Custom01) SOIC(16)
SST SST25VF064C-80-4I-SCE(Custom01) SOIC(16)
SST SST25VF064C-80-4C-SCE(Custom01) SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FL016A0LMF-00 SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FL032A0LMA-00 SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FL064A0LMA-00 SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FL064A0LMF-00 SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FL032A0LMF-00 SOIC(16)
Spansion S25FL016A0LMA-00 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3TGBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6TPB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6GBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3TPBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6GB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3PBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6PBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6PB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3GBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6TPB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3TGB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3GB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6TPBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6PBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6TGB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6TGB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6PB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3TPB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3GBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6TPBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF6TGBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3TGBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3TGB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6GBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6GB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3PB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF6TGBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3GB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3PB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3PBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64S-VMF3TPBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P64-VMF3TPB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3G/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TGBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TPB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TP/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3GB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TP/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TGB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TG/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TGBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TPB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3PB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6G/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6G/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TG/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3PBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6GB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TPBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3G/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6PBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6P/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TG/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3P/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TGB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3P/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3GBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TG/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6P/4 SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6PB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6TP/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TPBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF3TP/4A SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P16-VMF6GBA SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P128-VMF6GB SOIC(16)
Numonyx M25P128-VMF6PB SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A23GSFH0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A23GSFA0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A21GSFA0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A11GSFH0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSF40E SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A21GSFH0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A13GSFH0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSF40G SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSFH0G SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A13GSFA0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A11GSFA0 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSFH0E SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A11GSF40 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSF40F SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSFA0E SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A23GSF40 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSFA0G SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSFA0F SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A81GSFH0F SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A13GSF40 SOIC(16)
Micron N25Q512A21GSF40 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L6405DM-12 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L6405DM-12G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L6445EMR-12G_N25Q064A13ESFA0F SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L3205DM-12 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L3205DM-12G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L3235DM-12 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L3206EM-12G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L1605AM-12G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L1605DM-12G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L1605DM-12 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L1605AM-12 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L1605AM-15 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L1605AM-15G SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L1635DM-12 SOIC(16)
Macronix MX25L12801FMI-10G SOIC(16)
EON EN25QF256-80FIP SOP(16)
EON EN25QH128-104FI-P SOP(16)
EON EN25QH128A-104FIP SOP(16)
EON EN25QH128-104FI SOP(16)
EON EN25QH256-80FIP SOP(16)
EON EN25QH128A-104FI SOP(16)
Cypress S98FL256SDSMFBG01 SOIC(16)
Cypress S98FL256SDSMFBG00 SOIC(16)
Cypress S99FL256SDSMFBG01 [Support pending samples] SOIC(16)
Cypress S99FL256SDSMFBG03 [Support pending samples] SOIC(16)
Cypress S98FL256SDSMFBG03 SOIC(16)
Cypress S99FL256SDSMFBG00 [Support pending samples] SOIC(16)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in


Body (mm)


Toe-Toe (mm)



Normal (Refer to BPWin Help)

Pitch (mm)


Pressure Plate


Replacement Socket



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