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FVE4ASM08SHLB Socket Cards

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Socket Card, 08 Pin SOIC; B=5.28 T=7.9 P=1.27. Socket image may not match product exactly

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Note: Lead Time is working days (5 days per week)

Socket for Adesto Technologies Devices: AT45DB041E-SHN(256 byte page), AT45DB041E-SHN(264 byte page), AT45DB081E-SHN-B(256 byte page), AT45DB081E-SHN-B(264 byte page), AT45DB081E-SHN-T(256 byte page), AT45DB081E-SHN-T(264 byte page), AT45DB081E-SHN-Y(256 byte page), AT45DB081E-SHN-Y(264 byte page), AT45DB161E-SHD-T(512 byte page), AT45DB161E-SHD-T(528 byte page), AT45DB321E-SHF-B(512-byte), AT45DB321E-SHF-B(528-byte), AT45DB321E-SHF-T(512-byte), AT45DB321E-SHF-T(528-byte), AT45DB321E-SHF-Y(512-byte), AT45DB321E-SHF-Y(528-byte), AT45DB641E-SHN(256 byte page), AT45DB641E-SHN(264 byte page) Socket for Atmel Devices: AT45DB011B-S, AT45DB011B-SC, AT45DB011B-SI, AT45DB011B-SU, AT45DB011D-SH(256 byte page), AT45DB011D-SH(264 byte page), AT45DB021B-SC, AT45DB021B-SI, AT45DB021B-SU, AT45DB021D-SH-SL954, AT45DB021D-SH-SL955, AT45DB021D-SH(256 byte page), AT45DB021D-SH(264 byte page), AT45DB021D-SU(256 byte page), AT45DB021D-SU(264 byte page), AT45DB021E-SHN, AT45DB021E-SHN-B, AT45DB021E-SHN-T, AT45DB021E-SHN-Y, AT45DB041D-SU-2.5, AT45DB041D-SU-SL954, AT45DB041D-SU-SL955, AT45DB041D-SU(256 byte page), AT45DB041D-SU(264 byte page), AT45DB081D-SU-2.5, AT45DB081D-SU-SL954, AT45DB081D-SU-SL955, AT45DB081D-SU(256 byte page), AT45DB081D-SU(264 byte page), AT45DB161D-SU-2.5(528 byte page), AT45DB161D-SU-SL954, AT45DB161D-SU-SL955, AT45DB161D-SU(512 byte page), AT45DB161D-SU(528 byte page), AT45DB161E-SHD-(512 byte page), AT45DB161E-SHD-(528 byte page), AT45DB161E-SHD-T(512 byte page), AT45DB161E-SHD-T(528 byte page), AT45DB321D-SU-2.5, AT45DB321D-SU-SL954, AT45DB321D-SU-SL955, AT45DB321D-SU(512 byte page), AT45DB321D-SU(528 byte page) Socket for Numonyx Devices: M45PE16-VMW6, M45PE16-VMW6G, M45PE16-VMW6P, M45PE16-VMW6T, M45PE16-VMW6TG, M45PE16-VMW6TP Socket for STMicroelectronics Devices: M45PE16-VMW, M45PE16-VMW-G, M45PE16-VMW-P, M45PE16-VMW6, M45PE16-VMW6G, M45PE16-VMW6P, M45PE16-VMW6T, M45PE16-VMW6TG, M45PE16-VMW6TP, M45PE80-VMW, M45PE80-VMW-G, M45PE80-VMW-P, M45PE80-VMW6, M45PE80-VMW6G, M45PE80-VMW6P, M45PE80-VMW6T, M45PE80-VMW6TG, M45PE80-VMW6TP Socket Cards that are out of stock are built to order. This socket card ships 3-5 working days after the order is confirmed

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
Lead Time


Body (mm)


Pitch (mm)


Pressure Plate


Replacement Socket Card



Normal (Refer to BPWin Help)

Toe-Toe (mm)



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