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FVE4ASM08MLPA Socket Card


Socket Card, 08 Pin MLP

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Socket Card, 08 Pin MLP B=6X8, P=1.27 **S
Device Manufacturer
W25M512JVEIQ Winbond
W25Q128FVEAQ Winbond
W25Q128FVEIG Winbond
W25Q128FVEIP Winbond
W25Q128FVEIQ Winbond
W25Q128FWEIG Winbond
W25Q128FWEIP Winbond
W25Q128JVEIQ Winbond
W25Q128JVEQ Winbond
W25Q256FVEIF Winbond
W25Q256FVEIG Winbond
W25Q256FVEIQ Winbond
W25Q256JVEIQ Winbond
W25Q64CVZEIG Winbond
W25Q64CVZEIP Winbond
W25Q64FVZEIG Winbond
W25Q64FVZEIP Winbond
W25Q64JVZEIQ Winbond

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
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