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FVE4ASMR48CSP Socket Cards


Socket Card, 48 Pin BGA

Available on backorder

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Note: Lead Time is working days (5 days per week)

Socket Card, 48 Pin BGA B=6X8 P=0.8 BD=0.4
Socket for programming Devices Manufacturer
MX29GL640ETXEI-70G Macronix
MX29GL640ETXEI-90G Macronix
MX29LV160DBXBC-70G Macronix
MX29LV160DBXBI-70G Macronix
MX29LV160DBXEC-G Macronix
MX29LV160DBXEC70G Macronix
MX29LV160DBXEI-G Macronix
MX29LV160DBXEI70G Macronix
MX29LV160DTXBI-70G Macronix
MX29LV160DTXEC-70G Macronix
MX29LV160DTXEI-70G Macronix
MX29LV320DBXEC-70G Macronix
MX29LV320DBXEI-70G Macronix
MX29LV320EBXEC-70G Macronix
MX29LV320EBXEI-70G Macronix
MX29LV640EBXE-70G Macronix
MX29LV640EBXEI-70G Macronix
MX29LV640ETXE-70G Macronix
MX29LV640ETXEI-70G Macronix
MX29LV800CBXEC-70G Macronix
MX29LV800CBXEI-70G Macronix
M29W320DB70ZE Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE-E Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE-F Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE1 Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE1E Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE1F Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE1T Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE6 Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE6E Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE6F Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE6T Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZA6 Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZA6E Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZA6F Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZA6T Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZE6 Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZE6E Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZE6F Numonyx
M29W320DB7AZE6T Numonyx
M29W640GB60ZA3E Numonyx
M29W640GB60ZA3F Numonyx
M29W640GB60ZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GB60ZA6F Numonyx
M29W640GB70ZA3E Numonyx
M29W640GB70ZA3F Numonyx
M29W640GB70ZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GB70ZA6F Numonyx
M29W640GB7AZA3E Numonyx
M29W640GB7AZA3F Numonyx
M29W640GB7AZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GB7AZA6F Numonyx
M29W640GB90ZA3E Numonyx
M29W640GB90ZA3F Numonyx
M29W640GB90ZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GB90ZA6F Numonyx
M29W640GT60ZA-E Numonyx
M29W640GT60ZA-F Numonyx
M29W640GT60ZA3E Numonyx
M29W640GT60ZA3F Numonyx
M29W640GT60ZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GT60ZA6F Numonyx
M29W640GT70ZA-E Numonyx
M29W640GT70ZA-F Numonyx
M29W640GT70ZA3E Numonyx
M29W640GT70ZA3F Numonyx
M29W640GT70ZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GT70ZA6F Numonyx
M29W640GT7AZA-E Numonyx
M29W640GT7AZA-F Numonyx
M29W640GT7AZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GT7AZA6F Numonyx
M29W640GT90ZA-E Numonyx
M29W640GT90ZA-F Numonyx
M29W640GT90ZA3E Numonyx
M29W640GT90ZA3F Numonyx
M29W640GT90ZA6E Numonyx
M29W640GT90ZA6F Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE1 Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE1E Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE1F Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE1T Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE6 Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE6E Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE6F Numonyx
M29W800DT45ZE6T Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE1 Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE1E Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE1F Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE1T Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE6 Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE6E Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE6F Numonyx
M29W800DT70ZE6T Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE1 Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE1E Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE1F Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE1T Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE6 Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE6E Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE6F Numonyx
M29W800DT90ZE6T Numonyx
M29W320DB70ZE STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE-E STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE-F STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE1 STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE1E STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE1F STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE1T STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE6 STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE6E STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE6F STMicroelectronics
M29W320DB70ZE6T STMicroelectronics

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
Lead Time


Replacement Socket


Body (mm)


Pitch (mm)


Pressure Plate


Replacement Socket Card



Normal (Refer to BPWin Help)

Toe-Toe (mm)



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