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BPM210 Semi-Automatic Programmer

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Introducing the BPM210: The World’s First Semi-Automatic Universal Production Programmer (Patent Pending)

Transform your device programming process with the revolutionary BPM210 from BPM Microsystems. This innovative solution combines unmatched productivity, operator safety, and universal device support, making it the ultimate choice for high-volume production programming.


Double the Throughput Compared to Manual Programming

Time Studies show that when 8 sockets are used per programming site, operators are able to achieve double or more throughput with the BPM210 semi-automatic programmer, compared to manual operation where each socket is opened independently.  Test results indicated 40 seconds operator load and unload time using the BPM210's automatic socket actuation versus 85 seconds using traditional manual techniques.


Key Features

  • • Electric Motors Automatically Open and Close Sockets to save time, effort and injuries
  • • Automatically starts programming when you close the safety cover to increase throughput and keep operators safe
  • • Supports virtually all device types with BPM's unparalleled device support
  • • Vector Engine provides World-class programming speed with up to 8 sockets
  • • Easiest and Most powerful user experience with BPWin running on your PC, support for multiple sites running in parallel, quick changeover with no tools required


Unparalleled Productivity and Safety

  • • Reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries: The BPM210's automatic socket opening system significantly reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries, ensuring a safer working environment for your operators.
  • • Unmatched Throughput: With the ability to program up to 8 devices simultaneously, the BPM210 delivers industry-leading programming times, enabling you to achieve unmatched productivity per operator.
  • • Effortless Operation: Operators can load and unload devices in less than 40 seconds, achieving a potential device per hour (DPH) rate of 720. This efficiency allows a single operator to service multiple programmers, further improving overall throughput.

Universal Device Support and Signal Integrity

  • • Wide Range of Socket Adapters: The BPM210 supports an extensive range of socket adapters, enabling you to program a vast array of devices, including MCUs, NAND flash, NOR flash, and more, including optional UFS capability.
  • • Active Socket Adapters: BPM's active socket adapters feature controlled impedance signal paths, providing unmatched signal integrity and ensuring the highest possible first-pass yield, unlike DIP adapters that can degrade signal quality.


Seamless Integration and Ease of Use

  • • Fast Setup and Changeover: The BPM210 is designed for quick and easy setup, with no tools required for changeover. Unlike other programmers that require an Allen key and longer changeover times, the BPM210 minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.
  • • Parallel Operation: Multiple BPM210 units can be connected to the same PC, enabling parallel programming and further increasing overall throughput.
  • • Full-Featured Software: BPWin.exe, the BPM210's powerful software, runs on Windows 10, providing a user-friendly interface and advanced programming capabilities.


Reliability and Safety

  • • CE Mark Safety Directive Compliant: The BPM210 is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the CE Mark Safety Directive, ensuring a safe and reliable operation in your production environment.
  • • 1-Year Warranty: Your investment is protected by a comprehensive 1-year warranty that covers both hardware and software, giving you peace of mind and minimizing downtime.
  • • Diagnostics Card Included: The included diagnostics card allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance, ensuring that your BPM210 is always running at peak performance.
  • • Designed with ESD safety in mind, it incorporates a built-in banana jack for wrist strap connectivity, complemented with static dissipative cover and surfaces.


The Complete Package

  • • Ready to Use: The BPM210 comes with everything you need to start programming right away, including the programmer, power supply, power cable, USB cable, vacuum pen, and a Certificate of Conformance.
  • • Industry-Leading Support: As the leader in the device programming industry, BPM Microsystems provides unparalleled support and expertise to ensure your success.


Experience the Future of Device Programming

The BPM210 represents another disruptive innovation from BPM Microsystems, setting a new standard for productivity, safety, and universal device support. By reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, providing fast setup and changeover, and delivering unmatched throughput, the BPM210 lowers your cost per device and maximizes your return on investment.


Don't Settle for Less

When it comes to high-volume production programming, you need a rock-solid solution that offers all the features you need to program millions of devices per year. The BPM210 is that solution, combining ease of use, universal device support, and unparalleled performance in a single, revolutionary package.  Plus the BPM210 is Made in the USA by the #1 leader in device programming the USA!


Take Your Programming to the Next Level

Experience the future of device programming with the BPM210 and unlock new levels of productivity, safety, and profitability for your business. Contact our sales team today to request a quote or to learn more about how the BPM210 can transform your programming process.

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