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BPWin Highlights

  • Releasing improvements to the new 3928 autohandler system.
  • Improved the user interaction with the Teach Dialog so that it can be navigated with the arrow keys immediately after opening.
  • Improved Pick and Place default settings for WhisperTeach systems.

Other Updates

  • The “identify” feature in systems that have the Ethernet downward camera (i.e. 4910, 3910, etc.) now shows the camera view on-screen.
  • A problem with the API call to set the Checksum Method where a good parameter value was reported as invalid was fixed.
  • Expanded error codes in BPWin help documentation to assist error troubleshooting. Access the information via the “BPWin Help…” (F1). See “Result Code Table” under Troubleshooting BPWin Programmer Errors.
  • Improved the availability of the “Enable 3D Vision Inspection” checkbox in the Workflow Configuration to correctly obey permissions in both default operator/supervisor and WABS security models.
  • Fixed the initialization error only observed on 3X systems with a legacy 1040 Galil controller.
  • Resolved an issue where the Empty Socket Test (EST) was resulting in false failures using select algorithms.
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