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SMTA Chihuahua Expo Highlights BPM Microsystems’ Unique Position in the Market

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Events, News, Trade Shows

Chihuahua, Mexico – The SMTA Chihuahua Expo on September 7th at the Sheraton Chihuahua Soberano provided a valuable platform for industry professionals to discuss various aspects of electronics technology. BPM Microsystems, with a 35+ year focus on device programming solutions, found the expo to be a useful venue for conversations with both existing and potential clients.

Steady Turnout, Constructive Conversations

The expo’s turnout was commendable, particularly for a smaller, more focused event. Attendees represented a cross-section of the electronics industry, making it an effective setting for targeted dialogue. BPM Microsystems took this opportunity for constructive discussions around its device programming solutions.

Gratitude and Future Steps

“We appreciate the conversations we had at SMTA Chihuahua. It’s clear that the Mexican market has distinct needs that we’re well-positioned to address,” said Penny Santhanam, Senior Director of Customer Success at BPM Microsystems. “Enrique Prieto, our National Sales Manager, has been instrumental in this. His ability to engage with customers adds real value to our efforts, particularly as we consider our strategy in Mexico moving forward.”

Closing Thoughts

While BPM Microsystems maintains a competitive edge in device programming, the company is grateful for the opportunities to engage with the industry provided by the SMTA Chihuahua Expo. The event reaffirmed the importance of local platforms for meaningful dialogue and offered a glimpse into the potential of the Mexican market.