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Semiconductor Houses supported by BPM Microsystems

221 and Growing…

ABOV Semiconductor, Acer Laboratories Inc., Actel, Adesto Technologies, Aeroflex, Agile Technologies, AHMS, AKM, Alliance Memory, Altera, AMD, AMI (GOULD), AMIC Technology, AMP Incorporated, AnaChip, Analog Devices, Arium Semiconductor, AT&T Microelectronics, Atmel, Atmel W&M, Austin Semiconductor, AVAGO Technologies, AVIDO Systems, Inc., BAE Systems, Benchmarq, Bowmar/White, Bright, Broadcom, Catalyst, Centennial Technologies, Inc., Chipcon, Cirrus Logic, CYGNAL Integrated Products, Cypress, Dallas Semiconductor, Delco Electronics, Dense-Pac, Dialog Semiconductor, Echelon Corporation, Elcon Technology, Electronic Arrays, EM Microelectronic, Ember, EMLSI, ENE Technology, Energy Micro, EON, Ericsson, ESMT, Inc., Europe Technologies, Everspin Technologies, Exar Corporation, Excel Semiconductor, EXEL, Fairchild, Fidelix, Force Technologies, Freescale Semiconductor, Fremont Micro Devices, FTDI, Fujitsu, GARMIN, GE, General Instrument, Generic, Giantec Semiconductor, GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc., Greenliant Systems, Greenwich, Harris, Hitachi, Holtek, Hughes, Hybrid Memory Products Limited, Hynix Semiconductor, Hyundai, IBM, ICSI, ICT, IDT, ILITEK, Infineon, Integrated Circuit Systems, Integrated Memory Technologies, Intel, International Rectifier, Intersil, InterWorks Computer Products, ISSI (Integrated Silicon Solutions), Kingmax, Kingston, KIOXIA, Knitter-Switch, Lattice, Lattice/Vantis, LG Semicon Co. Ltd., Linear Technology, Linvex Technology, Lucent Technologies, Luminary Micro, M-Systems, Macronix, MagicRAM, Matrix Semiconductor, Maxwell Technologies, MEGAWIN, MemoCom, MFGR, MFGR, Microchip Technology, Micron, Microsemi, Mitsubishi, MMI (AMD), Mosel Vitelic, Mostek, Motorola, National Semiconductor, NEC, NexFlash, Nordic Semiconductor, Northrop Grumman, NTE Electronics, Numonyx, Nuvoton, NXP Semiconductors, Oce Technologies, OKI, ON Semiconductor, Panasonic, Parallax, Inc., Philips Semiconductors, Plus Logic, PLX, PMC, Potentia Semiconductor, Powervation Ltd., Programmable Silicon Solutions, QP Labs, Quick Logic, Quick Pulse, Ramtron, Raycon, Raytheon, Renesas, Renesas-H, Renesas-M, Ricoh, Rochester Electronics, Rockwell, ROHM Electronics, RPC Electronics, RS-Config. Devices, SafeNet, Saifun Semiconductors, Samsung, Sandia National Labs, SanDisk, Sanyo, Scenix, Schlumberger, Seeq, Seiko Instruments, SGS-Thomson, Sharp, Siemens, Signetics (Philips), Silego, Silergy (formerly MAXIM), Silicon Laboratories, SILICON7, SiliconTech, Simtek, Sino Wealth, SiTel Semiconductor, SiTime Corporation, SkyHigh Memory, SmarDTV, Smart Modular Technologies, SMOS, SMSC, Southland Microsystems, Spansion, SST, STAPL, STEC Inc., STMicroelectronics, SUMMIT Microelectronics, SyncMOS Technologies, Synertek, Taiyo Yuden, TE Connectivity, Teklution, Tekmos, Temic, Teridian, Terra Semiconductor, Inc., Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Ubicom, UTMC, Vantis, Viking Components, VLSI Technology, Waferscale Integration, Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc., Western Atlas International, Westinghouse, White Electronic Designs, White Microelectronics, White Technology, Winbond, Winstation Systems Inc., XEMICS, Xerox, Xicor, Xilinx, XMOS Ltd., Zilker Labs, Inc., Zilog, ZMD

BPM’s Extensive Device Coverage

Supported semiconductor manufacturers

Supported devices and socket adapters

Devices programmed by BPM Automated Programming Systems World-Wide since 1999

(Based on a calculation of the number of active programmers multiplied by the average number of devices per hour)

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