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Run an ROI Calculator to Determine Feasibility of Automated Programmer Purchase

Request ROI Analysis

Provide us with a device list, with approximate programming data upload, and the number of devices needed per month, and we’ll provide you with an ROI Analysis.

Example Calculation

In this real-world example, we’ll break down the numbers to bring device programming in-house:

Shift Hours Per Day 16*
Machine Hours Required (Based on devices, programming times, etc. Contact us for this number) 2,846*
Machine Utilization Rate (85% is a pretty good average) 85%
Changeover Hours/Year 88*
Total Burdened Hours Required 3,436
Years Amortized 5
Burdened Labor Rate per hour $15.00
Cost per Device (Outsourced) $0.25
Total Solution Price (APS + Peripherals) $225,000*
Total Number of Devices per year 2,400,000
Total cost per year $96,540
Estimated Consumable Cost Per Device $0.015
Cost per programmed device = Equipment, Overhead + Consumables $0.055
Device per day (260 days/yr) 9,231
Savings per device $0.195
Savings per day $1,797.92
Days to payback 125.1

*BPM can help you with some of these numbers. If you provide us with a device list, how much data is to be programmed, and how many devices you need per month, we can give you a minimum configuration of a recommended system. Changeover hours are determined by how many changeovers per shift.

Payback in About 4 Months

In the example above, it would take a little under 18 weeks (not years) to make device programming in-house a profit center! Once paid for, it’s almost all profit. Many customers use these systems for 10+ years and achieve 5-10X ROI.

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