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Happy New Year from your Team at BPM

Office Closed Tuesday, January 1, 2019

This Holiday Season, the whole team at BPM wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a  Happy, Prosperous New Year!

The Awards

The Department that stood out and will have the Bragging rights for 2018 will be Device Support !!!!  I just don’t know where to start. It reminds me of a winter wonderland!

Award for the “Jolliest with a splash of the Dark side” goes to Inside Sales –  Love that your mascot is wearing Hayley’s Dress and is lit up.

Award for the “Most Creative” goes to the  APS, Sites, and Software.team. The Christmas tree and lights will hold a special memory for us all.

Award for “Nice try but maybe next year” goes to Customer service – Although, when the time came,  you showed your holiday cheer to Momin and made us laugh

Award for “Most Determined to have spirit despite your limitations” goes to Production. You all used your limited areas and made the departments a Fun and festive place, Way to go!!

Thank you all for participating and maybe next year we will have some other departments join in as well, not mentioning names but Accounting, Marketing and RSM’s we have faith in 2019.

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