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BPM Microsystems announces the sale of an Automated Programming System to a Contract Manufacturer*. This electronics manufacturing service company has standardized BPM solutions for its in-house programming support for the last 15 years. They are still running 6th Generation Automated Programmers in their factory in Mexico. They are expanding and bought a BPM 3928 to support their growing demand. The 3928 purchased is fully loaded (six sites, tray stacker, tape in/out, fiber laser.).

3928 9th Generation Automated Programmer

3928 9th Generation Automated Programmer

The 3928 Automated Programmer can program up to 28 devices at a time, at up to 1,432 devices per hour. It comes standard with WhisperTeach™ automated Z-Height teaching for fast, reliable set-ups, and the CyberOptics LNC120 camera for component auto measure (fast set-ups) and on-the-fly alignment for maximum first pass yield and throughput. The 3928 is outfitted with the TM-50 Tape Loading system, the BPM TS-1500 Tray Stacker, and the latest 3000-Series Fiber Laser, capable of producing machine-readable QR codes and barcodes for ultimate component traceability.  The BPM laser system is equipped with a two-stage dust collection system that is second-to-none in offline programmers.

Universal Device Programmer

BPM’s 9th Generation programmers are “universal;” they support over 41,000 devices, with nearly daily additions. Instead of requiring different site technologies, BPM utilizes one platform for all device technologies, such as  MCUs, eMMC HS400, NAND, NOR, and Serial Flash devices, and programs both high and low voltage devices. This is especially important for EMS companies because they need a solution that will support present and future projects. 

“These customers have a choice when they buy systems and they know our products well. Their vote of confidence says a lot about the productivity and quality they achieve and our ability to keep them happy,” says William White, CEO, and founder of BPM Microsystems.

With over 40 years of heritage in electronic manufacturing services, this contract manufacturer focuses on low-medium volume/high-mix, high-complexity products primarily in the defense/aerospace, industrial, medical device design, and manufacturing field. Their new automated device programmer will greatly increase throughput and enable newer, denser devices for the latest gadgets.

BPM manufactures all its systems in their ISO 9001:2015 certified plant located in Houston, Texas, and its products carry the CE Mark. To learn how BPM makes device programming easy, fast and affordable, go to bpmmicro.com/device-programmers/.

*Name withheld at the request of the customer.

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