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BPM Microsystems plans to accept orders through March 15, 2023, for 7th Generation series programmers, subject to availability. 

Introduced by BPM Microsystems in 2005, the 7th Generation series programmers have offered an exceptional return on investment and productivity for over 17 years.  We recognize that many customers continue to use the 7th Generation, programming millions of devices annually.  Supply chain constraints, key component availability, and increasing cost of support are driving this decision.  

We encourage customers to contact Sales to discuss upgrades and trade-in options.  BPM’s 10th Generation programmers can be more than 10x faster and offer 500x more memory than the 7th Generation programmers.  

Products Affected

1710 & 2710 Series – This includes but is not limited to 1710, 2710-2, 2710-4, 2710-6, FX710-240-2-STE, FX710-240SITE, FX710-AM-240STE and all parts, sub-assemblies or components of said programmers. This policy can be changed or canceled at any time without notice.

  • Warranty repairs will be honored through the entirety of the standard 1-year hardware warranty.
  • Non-warranty repairs will be provided on a best-effort basis.
  • Parts, sub-assemblies, and components will no longer be sold separately and will be used exclusively at the BPM Microsystems’ factory repair center.
  • Algorithms and Software Updates – Customers with valid support contracts can continue requesting algorithms and accessing BPWin software updates. 
  • Software Support Contracts – Customers can continue to purchase BPWin software support contracts.
  • Hardware Support Contracts – Effective immediately, extended warranty renewals will be offered on a case-by-case basis. BPM will continue to honor those existing hardware support contracts in place at the time of this notice.
  • Socket Modules, Daughter Cards, Socket Cards, and Replacement Sockets – Customers can continue to purchase “adapter” products with the exception of obsolete or discontinued items.

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