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BPM partnered with Interlatin to bring a “Technology Trade Show” featuring the latest and most full-featured Automated Programmer on the Planet, the BPM310

  • BPM310 is the latest 10th Generation Automated Programmer from BPM Microsystems
  • Up to 6 fully universal programming sites with up to 48 sockets, producing the fastest programming times in the smallest footprint
  • Advanced features such as
    –WhisperTeach™,  BPM.NCRYPT, and on-the-fly vision alignment
    –UFS, Microcontrollers, Flash Memory, Complex Devices, etc
    –Chip-scale-package to the largest QFP, all at blazing speeds

General Overview
• Alignment camera, New Laser system, New teaching process using WisperTeach, Vacuum system, Other new features
• Common troubleshooting
• Best practices
— Tools recommended for sockets maintenance
— How to perform a correct programming site maintenance
— Teaching new components
— Considerations for eMMC and high-density memories
— Considerations for Cyber-Security requirements

Plus a Special “Happy Hour” session for Executives and Managers, covering high-level topics:

  1. How to determine the best technology to solve the programming problem (Why BPM?)
  2. How to create a rapid ROI analysis (Easy to handle = Less Risk of Failure)
  3. How to get the best response on support (How to avoid downtime = Higher productivity)

Thanks to all the technicians, managers, and directors who took time out of their busy schedules to spend a few hours learning more about offline device programming. Also, special thanks to Jim Villalvazo, Director, Fernando Islas, Regional Sales Manager, and Sofia Soto, Marketing with Interlatin. Representing BPM were Colin Harper, Director of Sales and Product Development, Penny Santhanam, Director of Customer Care, and Jose Romo, Field Services Engineer.