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Growing demand for flash memory programming prompts major US programming center to purchase a BPM Microsystems model 3800

BPM Microsystems announces that ProEx, a leading worldwide provider of device programming and other value-added services, selected a 3800 automated production programmer to accommodate its increasing programming demands for high-density flash memory.

“It has been obvious to us that there is a growing demand among many of our customers requiring programming of high-density flash components,” said Chief Operating Officer of ProEx Greg Norton. “We also sought a programmer that offered the versatility to program the entire range of semiconductors requested by our customers. Our research of industry equipment available that could fulfill such requirements identified the BPM Microsystems 3800 as the hands-down choice offering the desired capabilities.”

The versatility of the model 3800 allows it to support microcontrollers, NAND flash, NOR flash, Serial flash, Managed NAND flash, E/EPROM, flash EPROM, and other technologies with densities up to an 8 Eb theoretical limit. It also supports devices with voltage down to 0.7 (Vdd).

The ultra-fast programming speed of the model 3800 is attributed to BPM Microsystems’ Vector Engine Co-Processor, the same proven technology that established Flashstream® as the fastest flash-dedicated programmer.

“With current economic conditions as they are, it is imperative that we increase our throughput in order to keep pricing in line with our customers’ expectations,” said Norton. “We have been pleased with the performance of the 3800 and are confident we will realize an expeditious ROI due to increased efficiencies.”

Established in 1992, ProEx offers value-added services, which include device programming, tape and reel, baking and more on behalf of electronics distributors, contract manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers that span a broad spectrum of industries. With the capacity to program over 75 million devices annually, ProEx operates with the philosophy of maintaining state of the art equipment in order to provide its customers with unparalleled support.

With the addition of the 3800, ProEx owns and operates a total of eight BPM Microsystems automated programming systems, which include two 4600’s, one 4610, one 4710, three 3710’s.

ProEx can be contacted at 7842 South 1300 West, West Jordan, Utah 84088; telephone: +1-801-569-8500; website: http://www.proex1.com.

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