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Obsolescence of CyberOptics Alignment Sensor used on legacy BPM Automated Programming Systems

CyberOptics ceased manufacturing the alignment sensor used on the BPM Microsystems’ 6th through 8th Generation automated programming systems in 2014. Prior to that date, BPM Microsystems invested significantly in a “last time buy” opportunity. During the almost 8 years since the last purchase, all of BPM’s inventory is depleted.

As of March 14, 2022, BPM can no longer repair damaged legacy CyberOptics cameras.

Modern 9th and 10th Generation CyberOptics cameras are available for purchase and repair.

BPM understands the critical nature of this alignment sensor. Today, BPM provides opportunities for the purchase of refurbished replacement sensors through a non-warranty core exchange process. This process requires that “broken” sensors (the core) be sent to BPM for repair. However, not all sensors can be repaired. Therefore even this inventory is almost exhausted.

We highly recommend that all 8th Gen Automated Programmer users consider a strategy to systematically trade-in these legacy systems for modern, more productive BPM APS models. As a start BPM will provide a proposal for the trade-in of your legacy BPM APS and will be providing further recommendations for your other machines.

APS 6th Generation APS 7th Generation APS 8th Generation APS
3000 Series 3600, 3610 3700MK2, 3710MK2 3000FS, 3800
4000 Series 4600, 4610 4700, 4710 4800