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BPM Microsystems announces the end of support for Windows 2000


Effective with the release of BPWin 5.14.0 on February 8, 2011, Windows 2000 will no longer be supported. The end of BPWin support on Windows 2000 is required in order to add support for 64-bit operating systems.

Any attempt to install BPWin 5.14.0 or higher while running Windows 2000 will result in an installation failure. Alternatively, customers should be advised to upgrade to any of the compatible operating systems: Windows XP or Windows 7. Any version of BPWin released prior to 5.14.0 will continue to operate with Windows 2000.

Current or new software support customers who download BPWin 5.14.0 or higher need to run one of the supported operating systems.

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