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BPM Microsystems announces the End of Life for legacy programmer models


BPM Microsystems has discontinued all programmer software, hardware, repair and calibration support for the below programming systems. These systems are no loner marketed, sold or supported.

Engineering Programmers:
BP-1148, BP-1200, BP-1400/84, BP-1400/240, BP-1600*, BP-1600M, BP-1700*

Concurrent Production Programmers:
BP-2000**, BP-2100**, BP-2200, BP-2500**, BP-2510**, BP-2600*, BP-2600M**, BP-2700*

Automated Programmers:
BP-3100**, BP-3500**, BP-3510**, BP-3600*, BP-3600M, BP-3700*, BP-4100**, BP-4500**, BP-4510**, BP-4600*, BP-4600M, BP-4700*