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BPM Microsystems announces the end of life for legacy 4000-series Automated Programming Systems including the following models:  4610, 4710, 4800


Effective January 3, 2022, BPM Microsystems announces the following end-of-life plan for legacy 4000-series Automated Programming Systems.

  • CyberOptics Sensor – Replacement CyberOptics sensors are no longer available for purchase. 
  • As of March 14, 2022, BPM can no longer repair damaged legacy CyberOptics cameras.
  • Modern 9th and 10th Generation CyberOptics cameras are available for purchase and repair.
  • Pick/Place Handler – Repair and replacement parts will be sold on a best effort basis. Limited part inventory is available for key components such as power supplies, cables, head components, and others.  In some cases where parts are still commercially available, lead times can be several weeks and at a significant cost increase.  
  • Peripheral Options – Repair and replacement parts will be provided on a best effort basis
  • Programming Site Technology – Non-warranty repairs for 6th, 7th, 8th generation programming site technology will be repaired on a best effort basis only. 
  • Algorithms and Software Updates – Customers with valid support contracts can continue to request algorithms and access BPWin software updates. 
  • Software Support Contracts – Customers can continue to purchase BPWin software support contracts.
  • Hardware Support Contracts – Effective immediately extended warranty renewals will no longer be offered.  BPM will continue to honor those existing hardware support contracts.
  • Socket Modules, Daughter Cards, Socket Cards, and Replacement Sockets – Customers can continue to purchase “adapter” products with the exception of those obsolete or discontinued items.

Introduced by BPM Microsystems in 1995, the 4000 series handler has been the industry workhorse for over 25 years.  We recognize that many customers continue to use these platforms, programming millions of devices per year.  Supply chain constraints, key component availability, and increasing cost of support are driving this decision.  We encourage customers to contact Customer Service and Sales to discuss upgrade and trade-in options.