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BPM Microsystems announces the End of Life for the 1400 and 2200 model programmers


Effective December 31, 2008, BPM Microsystems will no longer offer support for the 1400 and 2200 model programmers. Introduced in 1996 and discontinued in 2005, the 2200 and 1400 were the first in the industry to enable fine control of programming waveforms for the highest quality programming with the widest device support capabilities. Limitations of the original programmers hardware combined with new software compatibility and component obsolescence forces this end of support announcement.

End of support means that BPWin software released in 2009 will not support the 1400 and 2200 model numbers. These models can continue to function with existing BPWin software released prior to 2009, but will not be eligible for additional algorithms or updates to existing algorithms. Hardware contracts will also not be available for these programmers. Also, repairs and calibration of these programmers are no longer possible.