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Largest Non-Machine Cost

A huge roadblock in bringing your device programming in-house might be the prospect of staffing. Here are several questions to ask your Programming Equipment Supplier:

  • Does your system require an experienced technician?
  • How long does it take for someone to be trained to operate the system?
  • What happens if we need to operate a second or third shift to keep up with demand?
  • Does the machine have any special requirements, such as filtration or ESD mitigation?
  • What about maintenance and up-time?

Experienced Technician Not Required

The automated systems from BPM are designed and built in the USA to make device programming fast and easy while providing the best quality and highest throughput in the world.

Anyone Can Be Trained

Just about anyone with a couple of hours of training can operate any of BPM’s programmers. That also means no quality drop-off on your second or third shift crews.

No Special Requirements

BPM’s programmers have a small footprint, with no special room requirements other than power (20A 240VAC (+/- 10%)), compressed air, and HVAC to control humidity and temperature. While not a requirement for operation, BPM recommends an APS ionization kit (F3XIONIZER) for maximum throughput and highest quality output.

90% Plus Uptime/Utilization Rate

BPM systems are built to last with routine maintenance and tune-ups. There are hundreds of BPM automated programming systems still in use after more than 10 years (some after nearly 20 years of use).