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Notice of Discontinuation of Repair and Calibration for x600 and x700 Programming Site Technology


Effective February 14, 2012, BPM Microsystems will no longer repair or calibrate the following programmer models due to the obsolescence of essential parts and subassemblies – 1600, 2600, Silicon Sculptor II, 3600*, 4600*, 1700, 2700, 3700*, and 4700*.

Until this time, BPM Microsystems will accept non-warranty RMA’s for evaluation and best effort repairs with a limited warranty. Non-warranty repairs will be at the customer’s discretion.

Customers who require repair or calibration for these models will be encouraged to upgrade to newer generation models.

These models will still be supported in BPWin software with algorithm additions and updates available to current software support customers.

*Applies to programming sites only. Handler repairs will still be available on automated programming systems operating with BPWin Software.